Cod Liver Oil

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HSU & Co.'s Cod Liver Oil is a naturally rich source of Vitamins A and D that helps support daily health.

HSU & Co.'s Cod Liver Oil is a naturally rich source of Vitamins A and D that helps support daily health. 

To prevent the tragedy of the degenerative disease called osteoporosis from striking a growing number of victims, doctors are recommending higher levels of calcium. But despite an increased intake of calcium, many still fail to experience improvement. This can stem from an inability to properly assimilate calcium from common sources.

It is a known fact that calcium is better assimilated in the presence of vitamin D. This vitamin is most commonly found in sunlight and cod liver oil. Vitamin D aids in maintaining the proper balance between calcium and its counterpart phosphorus. Improper calcium and phosphorus levels can lead to arthritis, osteoporosis, and circulatory problems. The cod liver oil works as a lubricant to alleviate stiffness and pain in joints.

Are you deficient in oils?

Dale Alexander, a known researcher in the field of nutrition and especially the benefits of cod liver oil, has earned the name of "the Cod-father" because of his extensive knowledge of the subject. When he first published his book, Arthritis and Common Sense, he was hailed on one hand and condemned on the other. Many people who had been unable to walk noticed improvement within a few months after using the Dale Alexander cod liver oil method. The good news spread and supplies of cod liver oil could not be kept on pharmacy shelves. In trying to find a cure for his arthritic mother, hen had stumbled on "something" which had been overlooked by others. Then, two doctors, perhaps to settle the argument, or perhaps to disprove his theories, conducted a scientifically acceptable study, using the Alexander method. To the surprise of everyone, except Dale Alexander, they found in nearly every patient tested that the treatment worked! The study, reported in the July 1959 issue of the Journal of the National Medical Association, was conducted at the Brusch Medical Center, Cambridge, MA, by Charles A. Brusch, M.D. and Edward T. Johnson, M.D.

Here are the facts as they appeared in the study:

  • 98 cases of osteo, rheumatoid, and mixed arthritis were treated
  • 92 cases responded within a period of 2 to 20 weeks
  • Subjectively, or as it appeared to the patients themselves, there was a marked reduction in pain
  • A general improvement was noted in a majority of patients

Objectively-by tests

  • Diminished tissue swelling
  • Less fatigue
  • Better complexion
  • Skin and scalp improvement
  • Calcium more assimilable
  • Stronger nails
  • Greater alertness
  • Improvement of blood chemistry in over 90% of patients
  • Sedimentation rate dropped
  • Cholesterol level dropped
  • High white blood count gave way to normal count
  • Hemoglobin level frequently rose
  • Blood sugar dropped to lower side of normal
  • Blood pressure levels were lower after 15 weeks
  • Body weight remained the same
  • Acid urine remained or alkaline urine became acid
  • Urinary mucous threads generally cleared
  • Constipation was gradually overcome
  • Extremities became warmer, with less swelling
  • More energy was evident in four to five months
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