Effect Of Ginseng

Scientifically Documented Effects of Panax Ginseng

Many ginseng brands look temptingly similar in their packaging to genuine IL HWA GINSENG, yet there is no comparison. They contain totally unwanted ingredients such as sugar, various other cheaper herbs, even caffeine and alcohol. IL HWA ginseng roots are harvested only when they are mature and the process used to extract all of the active ingredients in a low heat process patented by the company. No wonder the Korean government gives IL HWA ginseng its highest rating. Take a look at the chart below what scientific research has discovered about IL HWA ginseng's effectiveness in dealing with many physical ailments.


1.) Ginsenoside Contents

2.) Sugar Content

3A.) VolatileOrganic Acids

3B.) Non-VolatileOrganic Acids

4.) Vitamins

5.) Minerals

6.) Common Consistituents

7.) Fat-Solubility Contents

A.) Contents of Crude Lipid & Purified Lipid

B.) Composition of Neutral Lipids, Glycolipids & Phosphholipids

9.) Oxides