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Through years of research and experience, I have come to the conclusion that if health is to be maintained, a proper dietary regime is certainly of tremendous importance.

Says cardiologist Myron Prinzmetal in his book Heart Attack: "One of the most important the incidence of coronary disease is the diet. a rule, we eat too much. Primitive people usually don't. They can't afford it. We seem to consider it a mark of affluence and luxury to eat big meals. Poor people in third world nations don't take the family out for a big meal. They don't get coronaries."

Is it any wonder that overeaters complain of being "tired all the time?" One's energy factor is enhanced when foods are prepared in Proper Food Combinations. In other words, the goal of food combining is to aid the process of digestion.

Food combining simply refers to those combinations of foods which are chemically compatible. Although the mixing of various foods in a meal is the subject of controversy in the medical profession, throughout history the "mono-diet" was practiced with good results. However, be they well-balanced or poorly chosen, food enter the body three or more times a day. They cannot help but absorb the food particles as they come along.

Every disease is the desperate warning signal from our body, telling us were are doing something wrong.

We need to heed these warning signals before it is too late. We must stop creating toxins; we must clean out toxins already there.

After a rich life of practice and intelligent observation, the eminent physician Sir James MacKenzie arrived at three conclusions regarding bad habits leading to disease:

1) Disease are the result of long-developing processes which begin early in life and finally lead to saturation of the body with toxins.

2) Improper eating, living and thinking habits are the prime cause of this degeneration.

3) The same type of toxin, when localized in a joint causes arthritis; when localized in the liver, hepatitis; in the kidney, nephritis; in the skin, dermatitis, in the pancreas, diabetes;in the brain, insanity.

You are responsible for your health - not your friends, your spouse or your doctor. This means that you need to be informed. Free Friday evening lectures are held at all HSU & CO. Nutrition Centers. If you are unable to attend any of these lectures, they are available on video and audio cassette tapes.

If you are serious in learning how to overcome personal problems, learn how proper eating may transform you mentally, physically and spiritually. It has happened and is happening to others. It could happen to you.

Sung Bok Hsu



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