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What To Expect When You Improve Your Diet
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What to expect when you improve your diet

What is the relation of quality of foods to recovery from illness? The higher the quality of food we eat, the quicker we recover from disease, provided we are able to digest and assimilate properly.

What happens when a person follows proper rules and makes a decided improvement in the quality of food consumed?

Remarkable things begin to happen to the body as well as the mind. When the quality of the food coming into the body is of higher quality than the tissues which the body is made of, the body begins to discard the lower grade materials and tissues to make room for the superior materials which it uses to make new and healthier tissue.

This is the plan of Nature.

The body is very selective and always aims for improved health. Nature intended that your body be well, and it placed within it the ability to stay well provided it gets the necessary care and food. The self-curing nature of many conditions such as colds, fevers, swellings, etc., furnishes endless examples of how the body tends toward health always, unless we do something to stop the process.

The quality of a nutritional program is also improved by omitting toxic substances such as coffee, regular tea, chocolate, tobacco, salt, pepper, etc. When the use of a toxic substance is suddenly stopped, occasional headaches are common and a "letdown" occurs. This is due to the discarding of toxins which are removed from tissues and transported through the bloodstream. The withdrawal of the stimulation produces a slower heart reaction - a resting phase - which registers in the mind as relaxation or a perceived decrease in energy. This initial letdown lasts a few days or longer depending on the individual but it is followed by an increase of strength, a feeling of diminished stress, and greater well-being. During this initial phase, the vital energies which are usually in the external parts of the body such as the muscles and skin, begin to move to the vital organs and start reconstruction.


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