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I welcome you to my brand new HSU Health Retreat in the beautiful countryside near Utica, Ohio. The official beginning of the HSU Retreats was Friday, Sep 1, 2001.

I have such fond memories of those times, years ago, when we had 7-day retreats at various State Parks in southern Ohio. Many of you had wonderful experiences learning how to take care of your great asset - Your Health! And now it will be even better. My Retreat Center is located on 73 acres of land of which about 50 acres consist of mature woods where you can spot wild ginseng, goldenseal clusters, black and blue cohoshes and much more. Bring your binoculars to have a better view of deer, pheasants, wild turkeys and other wildlife as they come from the woods near the house.

There are 5 bedrooms available for you to stay in comfort during the retreats. The largest room, the "Star Gazer" features 2 Queen sized beds and a private bathroom and overlooks the woods in the back of the estate. At night you can see the beautiful starlit sky without the distraction of big city lights. Two other rooms, the "Woods View" and the "Meadow View", feature Queen sized beds and private bathrooms and are located on the first floor for anyone with difficulties climbing stairs.

And then there is the "Friendship" room, featuring two twin sized beds and the "Elite" room with one twin sized bed. Those two rooms, situated next to one another, share a large bathroom. So, you have a choice of single or double occupancy during your stay here.

A private room is $150 per day which includes of course all the meals, lectures and personal consultations. If you share a room with a friend, family member or another retreat guest, the daily fee is $125. Which brings up the question: How long should you stay? Some of you are very busy, you have little time to get away from work and you are not suffering from any acute or chronic health problems, but, you want to make as sure as you can that you won't have to suffer through nagging health problems in the future. In other words, you want to learn as much as possible about proper health maintenance, proper eating habits and have a relaxing and fruitful weekend. Come Saturday morning, or, if room is available, Friday evening after 7 PM and stay until Sunday evening and you'll be amazed how much you can learn and take home with you.

If, on the other hand, you already are battling chronic health problems and are spending large sums of money on medical expenses, then by all means, make time for a week or even more. If you stay 6 days or longer the daily fee drops by 10%, but more importantly, I can really spend the time with you that I need to help you get on the right track to better health.

This is what I've wanted to do all along. Being there for you on a daily basis to guide you towards optimal health. Therefore, this is a hands-on retreat. I won't serve you breakfast in bed, but I'll be there to show you how to make delicious meals, properly food combined, and I'll explain in detail why my Internal Cleansing Program has already helped thousands over the last 23 years. Go and cut your own wheat grass for juicing, or carrots (in season) for your twice daily freshly squeezed carrot juices and pick your own eggs.

But one thing can never be underestimated. Being able to relax in God's beautiful nature, taking walks in the woods, beautiful nature, taking walks in the woods, watching wildlife come up to the house, breathing the freshest air you probably have in some time, watching the glorious star studded night time sky and freeing your mind from so many polluting thoughts that oppress and depress so many of us.

I welcome you to my new home and I hope you will take this wonderful opportunity to make a new start towards a new and healthier you in body, mind and spirit.




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