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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu,

The following is my story. I hope it will be of some help to you.

Several years ago, I suffered from a systemic yeast problem. I was chronically tired, had vaginal yeast that never went away and a plethora of other complaints -rash, joint aches, psoriasis, mental confusion, numbness in areas of my face and tongue, chronic sore throat, low grade fever, frequent bladder infections and hypoglycemia, to mention a few.

I was being treated by a physician for the yeast problem. I was on a yeast free, allergy free diet and I was taking anti-fungal medication when the palms of my hands and skin turned orange. I felt OK as long as I remained on the diet, but once I deviated, I became symptomatic. I was maintaining myself rather thank improving my health.

The orange was a sign that the body was cleansing itself of toxic build up in the blood. I began to read about toxemia. As a solution, all signs pointed to fasting which would be very dangerous without medical toxic individuals.

Then I stumbled across Mrs. Hsu in a local health food store newsletter. Her program offered a gradual cleansing of the colon and a removal of toxins from the blood without having to fast. I remained on the program (with a few exception) for three years or more I felt as if my health continued to improve for that long. Today, I'm in better health than I've been since I was a little girl!

This letter is my token of appreciation to Mrs. Hsu for sharing her knowledge with some of us who need her help. To her I feel a debt of gratitude.


Joy McGinnis

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I met Mrs. Hsu in early October, 1987, and began the Internal Cleansing Program. At that time my chief complaint was herpes, which had been plaguing me for the last seven years. My other complaints were yeast infections and a lipoma (fluid-filled sac) on my back that has been developing in size for about four years. I also have hyper calcium which causes me to produce kidney stones.

During this program I experienced some unexpected results. After about three weeks I noticed that I had lost what I call the coffee jitters. I feel much more calm and for the first time in many years my hands are steady.

Shortly after that I realized that my energy level was improving. Being 34, I thought it was natural that I should feel tired more often and wake up sluggish in the morning. Now I find I have energy to spare.

My appetite has also changed. When I began the program I couldn't get enough to eat. Mrs. Hsu explained that for a long time I had been starving my body of the proper nutrition. Once my body achieved a nutritional balance I wouldn't feel the need to eat so much. It took about seven or eight weeks before I reached that balance.

One of my big concerns was my calcium intake. I didn't want to put myself in a situation where I would produce more kidney stones. I did pass a stone about eight weeks into the program. It was the first time I had passed a stone with no pain. All I felt was pressure.

Three months have passed. The lipoma on my back is an inch and half smaller in diameter, and I'm sure it will continue to drain. I have not had a yeast infection since I started the program, and as far as the herpes is concerned, with all the remarkable results I've had on this internal cleansing program, I can only assume that it has also been taken care of.

Thank you, Mrs. Hsu, for the knowledge you have shared and for all your support.


Lexington, VA

Yeast Infection by Olga Marie Ascencio, RN

We are living in an age where antibiotics seem to be the answer for every bacteria that comes along.  As a health professional I realize the importance of antibiotics.

It's the excess of antibiotics in our bodies that can potentiate yeast infection.  We have both good and bad bacteria in our bodies and when an excess of antibiotics is taken into our bodies, many of the healthy bacteria are killed. Though necessary, yeast will grow out of control in the absence of healthy bacteria.

40% of antibiotics are sold to farmers every year. If you are a meat eater or milk drinker, you will consume traces of these antibiotics every time you consume meat or dairy products.

Once yeast is out of control, our immune system is lowered. A lowered immune system causes us to feel weak and makes us susceptible to any virus that may come along.

Digestion is impaired. With impaired digestion we cannot receive the proper nutrients to maintain optimum health and vitality.

If we are to live in harmony with our bodies we must be willing to arm ourselves with the knowledge of how foods and food combinations affect our quality of life.

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