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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu,

For me, Ginseng has been like the fountain of youth. I am the mother of 7 children and have never had to have an operation but from July through October 1977 I was unable to work. I had dizziness and could not drive. A nervous condition caused much of my hair to fall out and I had so much water weight I could not see my ankles or move my watch on my arm. I spent almost 2 months just lying on my couch at home except to visit the doctor.

In August, when I began to take ginseng tea, I noticed many favorable signs. I had been on medicine to lose water weight but with the ginseng tea I lost 30 lbs. By the 1st of October. My shoe size went down from a 9 1/2 or 10 1/2 and now 8 1/2 is is too big. My size in clothing was 18 and now 16 is too big. Because of my nervous tension I was quite a heavy coffee drinker but I haven't had any coffee now for 6 months. My blood pressure which was high is normal and I no longer have a heart murmur like I did before taking ginseng.

I have noticed other good signs too. With ginseng I go to the bathroom regularly and often as water is eliminated and as a result I don't sweat like I used to. My skin is changing a lot and the dark circles I had under my eyes are going away. Because the tea fills me up I tend to eat the right foods and I have much more energy than before. My sister has noticed the same extra energy from using it and my 13 year old grandson is losing weight because of it.

I sued to be real nervous around my fellow workers but now there is a big change and people are asking me what happened. I don't get worried or bothered by things like I used to and I even think it helped me with the depression of some recent deaths in my family.

Any one taking ginseng should take it for 3 months at least to let it clean their system out. If I can get off the doctor's pills and take ginseng instead that's much better. When I go to the doctor I will go along with his program but keep on taking my ginseng too.

I attribute everything to God and ginseng and I wouldn't be without it.


Mrs. Mary Wormley

Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

When doctors suggested chemotherapy for my daughter's cancer, I recalled a nursing friend who always suggested some vitamin supplements before these treatments with such bad side effects.

She mentioned her suggestions, but insisted I "go see Mrs. Hsu". When she finished, I looked forward to meeting you as much for myself as my daughter.

For 12 years I had an edematous leg for which doctors could not find a cause. They ruled out stroke and advised me that I would simply have to live with it; they had no idea as to the cause.

You introduced me to your ginseng tea and the program. Would you believe, after one month only, my problems disappeared? Occasionally a slight swelling will return, but nothing like all those previous years.

I want to thank you, and your staff, for taking the time to care.

L.G. Columbus, OH

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I saw your advertisement for ginseng when it was delivered to my door with other flyers or I might have never known about it as I was confined to my home. I thought I should try it. It had helped other people, maybe it would help me. I was determined to try and get well.

I haven't really felt good since I was operated on in 1949. But I still worked for the bakery for 30 years and retired in 1974. My work was the most important thing to me. But it was very difficult. I had trouble with my feet for all those years. My toes buckled. I couldn't stand with my feet for all those years. My feet were operated on without much change. It was so hard to get around, but I still worked. I was also having problems with my kidneys and bowels. I quit leaving the house except to go to work and come home with my family.

In 1955, my stomach began to hurt and hurt almost all of the time. The doctor said it was due to gastritis. By 1971, I had pain in my neck and the back of my head. I retired in 1974 and took to my bed, I felt so badly. In 1976, my legs began swelling with water. My other problems were only made worse because I slept so poorly. My schedule had been so irregular for all those years at the bakery, I could not seem to adjust.

My doctors and God kept me going, but I give credit for many of my improvements to ginseng tea. I tell everyone who even mentions a problem to me that they should try it! I feel so much better now.

I started drinking ginseng in 1978. The first problem to leave me was the pain in my neck. It completely disappeared. Next my stomach quit hurting. Now if I ever get indigestion from eating something I shouldn't, I just take ginseng instead of an antacid and it clears up. After a few months, my kidneys and bowels began to get better. I started to do things again.

My sister and I love to walk. My legs no longer swell and there is much less pain in my feet. We even walked from my house on Arlington Avenue to Northern Lights Shopping Center (17 blocks). What better way to show you what ginseng has done!

I still have problems, but so does everyone. I have neuritis in my right arm, where I lost part of two fingers at work. I still have asthma and chronic bronchitis as I have had for 28 years. But I'm hoping to beat these problems, too. I have much more energy again and think I can still improve!

Ginseng is a household word with all of my family. They have heard me talk about it so much. I tell everyone about ginseng and that they should try it. Thank you, Mrs. Hsu, for making such blessings available to people.

Mrs. Anna Boring

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