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Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I have been a nervous smoker for the past 30 years. I would sometimes smoke up to 3 packs a day and my breathing was becoming so bad that I would lose my breath just walking from my livingroom to the kitchen. I've been developing arthritis pains in my arms and hands in recent years that have interfered with my work as a welder. At times I could not even hold the rod when I was welding and my arms and should would give out.

About a year ago I went to Mt. Carmel Hospital with very high blood pressure. I was lucky I didn't have a stroke. I never had any symptoms to warn me and that was the first time I ever had any trouble with my pressure. I was put on medication at that time.

When I started using ginseng tea in June this year, I got off of my blood pressure medicine for a while but recently went back on it because I need a more gradual change in my medication. I do think the tea helped keep my pressure down a bit while I was off my pills. It has really helped my nerves and now I don't smoke but a half a pack of cigarettes a day. After 30 years that's a real drastic change and I notice too that my breath is not as short as it was. I am much more steady when I work and the pains I had in my arms are all gone. I feel really good and rest better than I have in a long time. It has done a lot for me and especially I have cut down on my smoking so that means a savings to my lungs and my wallet. Just wanted to write and say thanks for the ginseng.


John Holley, Sr.

Columbus, Ohio

I have a bad smoking habit for five yars up until two weeks ago. I went to a meeting and purchased some Aloe Vera juice just to try it out.

I took one tablespoon per day for a week. Then one morning I lit up a cigarette and I couldn't smoke it. I couldn't believe it. Then I took the juice for another week and I have NO desire to smoke. It was from the juice, I know it was, because nothing could make me quite like that.

I am the mother of two small children and I need to live to see them grow up and now maybe I can, thanks to Aloe Vera. God bless this miracle.

Sue O.

Bradley, Illinois














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