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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu.

I stopped by HSU on Morse Road to browse around one day. Again, as over the past several years, I would stop and look at the HSU Internal Cleansing program. This particular day Marlene was working and we began talking about the importance of "cleansing yourself" from all the toxins that build up in your system over a period of time.

I told Marlene that I had developed this rash on my face that didn't seem to want to go away. I had tried many different facial cleansers and lotions, but nothing was working. She then explained to me the importance of using the internal cleansers, that my body was in an unbalanced state, and that no topical creams would be able to alleviate the problem. I told her that I had an appointment with a dermatologist and that after I met with him I would come by to talk to her again.

My doctor's appointment was very upsetting. He informed me that I had a chronic skin condition called, "rosacea", that this would never go "away", and that they didn't know why, but women seemed to be developing this in their late 30's and 40's. He prescribed an antibiotic and some topical cream and told me if I didn't get this taken care of right away, that it would only get worse and then it would be more and more difficult to treat. I left his office in tears with a videotape he gave me showing people who had this "condition" and how they had had to learn to "live with it." It was deeply upsetting and frightened me so that I immediately went to the pharmacy to pick up my drugs that I knew in my heart I didn't want to take because it was not what I believed in. He had instilled that awful feeling that there was "no hope" and "the sooner I started on his program, the better I would be."

I started to the pills making commitment to myself that I would take the for one month and if I didn't see any improvement I would stop then and there. But after one week, I knew this wasn't the answer. I went back to marlene at HSU and told her I was ready to start Mrs.Hsu's internal Cleansing Program.

It was amazing!!! Each day as I would use the program, I would see the rash disappear right before my eyes. It was like a great unraveling. Within the first month, it was all but gone!!! Not only did it clear up my skin, but also improved my hair and nails which had become thin and sparse.

All I know is that what Marlene shared with me makes such good sense. My body had become so toxic that it didn't matter what I tried to do on the surface. I needed to get to the very core of the problem and that was in the areas of elimination. Once I was able to to flush my system out and start the proper food combining everything immediately started to fall into place. My face and hair cleared up and I started feeling "healthy" again.

Starting the Internal Cleansing Program has been one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. Thank you to all of the friendly and helpful staff at HSU: Alice and Lilly were always ready to answer any questions or concerns I had. You've given me an invaluable gift and now I hope in sharing my story with others I can continue giving the gift of health as you all did for me.


Jana L. Marsico

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

We are writing to thank you and to let you know of the wonderful things that have happened to our health. Brenda attended one of you Friday night seminars in late March. She was suffering from a face and neck skin disorder that was aging her beyond her years. The skin disorder was causing her to lose confidence; her personality was changing; she was not happy being Brenda.

We had spent hundreds of dollars at doctors' office and hospitals to try and find a cure; nothing was working; She came home from your seminar with your Total Cleansing Program. I began to read the literature.

The more I read, the more sense it made.

I was trapped in a world of pills to try and overcome severe migraine headaches for over 20 years. I was on a combination of Inderal, Valium, Naprosyn, Fioricet, and large amounts of Excedrin daily. At one point I was even getting Cortisone shots directly into veins in my head and neck.

I also spent much of my life on heating pads and in my hot tub, trying to live with the pain. You can understand that this does not give a very happy outlook on life, for oneself or those trying to live near this type of person.

Only by the grace of God, was I kept alive using all those pills.

On April 4, 1994, we both started on the Cleansing Program. Brenda began to notice an improvement in her skin condition. Within two weeks the problem was totally gone. To my surprise my migraine headaches were gone by the third day. I have been off all the pills since that day. After about two weeks, the tension in my neck and should were gone.

What got peoples' attention was the weight that we lost. From 220 pounds, I went down to 188 pounds in 55 days. People were asking what diet we were on. How anyone can call your program a diet is beyond me. We eat more food than we ever ate before. How can that be a diet?

The only frustration that we have is with people we are around that need what your program offers. Many of our friends, relatives and business associates suffer from various health problems. You would think that everyone would want to lead a healthy life, for as long as possible. Not so.

I am convinced that some people must really like to suffer, or they need the sympathy...their health situation gets them. The Bible tells us in the First Corinthians, that God uses the simple things to confound the so-called wise.

We truly believe that your program is God's answer to perfect health.

Jerry Held, Brenda Held Orient, Ohio

Dear Mrs.Hsu,

I came from France to New York five years ago. Because of my busy schedule, I became quickly a daily customer of the fast food restaurants and I observed, after a few years, signs of degeneration of my health; skin eruptions, eczema, stomach cramps, constipation, flatulence, lost of vitality, ect . . .

I could not receive any help from the doctors when I became sick a couple of times. However I kept going hoping for the best. I used my common sense to eat only the food I would consider the most appropriate for me.

But it was not enough. Three months ago, I found myself very dangerously constipated. It was a general break down. I was running fever most every day and I, of course, became very weak. I realized that it was a case of autoxification but I did not know what to do about it.

Finally, I decided to get a series of colonics and to change my diet. One month and two passed by but I would still run fever often and fell better only temporarily. It was a hopeless situation and I became completely drained out of energy.

Then I called you and you told me to start right away the Internal Cleansing Program and take ILwa Ginseng tea regularly. You gave me a certain diet and I followed also and in a matter of one month, I got a lot better. But since you invited me to stay with you in Columbus for 2 weeks, I came. I wanted to get my whole health and energy back.

I am infinitely grateful for that. I could see the incredible work this temple of God which is my body. I did not know how wrongly I lived all those years, violating the basic physical laws of the human body.

I had to pay a high price for this bad caretaking but actually I can see so many people who are suffering terribly, literally killing themselves out of ignorance. If only they could hear the lectures that you are giving in your store to the people who walk in. It would save a lot of lives from misery. I have experienced myself how quickly the physical body can recover, regenerate itself and regain self-control when the simple laws of nutrition (food combining) and of good care (cleansing) are respected.

Ginseng & Internal cleansing formulas - are a real gift from heaven. I saw from my own eyes people who had just a few months to live, people with tumor, cancer, ulcer, generalized eczema, fungus and so forth becoming health again. I can't believe how fast they become better. I have heard numerous testimonies which blow my mind for they are incredible.

But I am a living testimony myself. In two weeks, I became a new person, full of life, of hope also for my future. Not only every problem solved itself naturally through your program but I feel like each cell of my body is breathing again, living. It is a beautiful feeling to be healthy.

I am now back in New York and I am helping people around me but I really hope that this knowledge of how to take care of ourselves can be spread throughout the world to end this useless martyrdom of all sicknesses.

May God bless you in your work.

Marie-Pierre Lucas

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