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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu




Dear Mrs.Hsu

I have received the following letter from a doctor:

"Dear Wes:

This is a note to let you know that the blood test for prostate specific antigen, or PSA, which was drawn at your visit has returned and is a normal value. This is good news.

Furthermore, the urinary collection that we did looking for tumor cells has also returned negative for evidence of cancer. This is also good news. I will see you at your next appointment."

Qualified doctors diagnose, treat and occasionally cure but nutrients save lives. Thank you very much. It has been 4 years.

Wesley Turner, Dublin, OH

Seeing is believing! Here's a man who has been through Mrs. Hsu's program and will never regret it.

His doctor told him he had a sugar problem. He knew he had a prostate problem. His bladder was often enlarged due to urine retention because of his inflamed prostate. He knew he was constipated, and there was no doubt that his energy was on the wane.

"Today, I'm a believer that you are what you eat," he said, "and I'm still learning. I do not regret one penny of the cost of Mrs. Hsu's program. My prostate problem is past; my energy has returned and I'm no longer constipated - in fact I feel so good I'm contemplating a straight vegetarian diet."

Here's a man who not only looks 20 years younger, but acts it every day.

"Several years ago, I felt myself slipping," he recalled. "I was constipated and when I had stools the odor was so embarrassingly bad that in self-defense I had to turn on the bathroom fan.

"My strength has improved; I'm stronger then ever, and for my age, I am in good condition. I just helped my granddaughter move last night," he related. You could see him moving big chairs and even bigger couches.

Mr. Quarles indicated something very important. He has a wife who also follows the laws of nature including fasting three days a week on distilled water every week!

The message one picks up from Mr. and Mrs. Quarles, is 'continence'. According to Ray Wolford, MD, "They only way to extend maximum human life span is by severe caloric undernutrition. Slowly induced restriction in young or middle-aged animals will certainly work with humans.

According to former Surgeon General Everet Koop, MD, overeating is killing more than a million Americans every year.

Remember the name James Quarles. If you're around, chances are NBC weatherman Williard Scott will be wishing both Mr. and Mrs. Quarles a happy 100 years! You can bet on it.

Mr.James Quarles, age 71 Retired

"I knew God would help me...but I didn't know how or when..."

The usual prostate problems were troubling a Columbus, Ohio minister. His doctor suggested an exploratory surgery for prostate cancer. A friend recommended for him to see Mrs.Hsu. After talking to Mrs.Hsu, he delayed the surgery and began her program. In less than 30 days he had a complete recovery.

"I knew God would help me, but I didn't know how or when," he confided.

Let's review: According to this writer's Medical Dictionary, a prostate cancer has one definite thing in common with all cancers. An abnormal growth of cells that spread.

Let's look at nature for a moment. What causes a plant cell to grow? Obviously the soil from which it matures. What, in the soil, makes plants mature?

Nutrients (minerals) of course. If human cells lack nutrients, what could result?

Abnormal cell growth.

...and therein lies the secret of Mrs.Hsu's success...

...Weak cells are dying or dead cells. (My biology teacher used to refer to weak cells as 'delta cells.' What he really meant was dying or dead cells, but the 'authorities' prevented him from saying so without a medical license).

What we have to remember is that all tissue, whether prostate, pimple or peritoneum, is made up of cells!

And the condition of those cells determines overall health of that tissue or organ.

That's why Mrs.Hsu knows she has to feed the cells the proper food combinations - and - like the girl who couldn't hear, voila!, improvement is noted after only two weeks on the Hsu program. Of course the internal cleansing must come first.

Time magazine reported the frustration of surgeons who have long searched for a test that could pick up prostate malignancies before they become inoperable. This year some 200,000 men will learn they have prostate cancer and about 38,000 will die from it, according to the Mayo Clinic Health Letter.

Lack of data: Rightfully so, your doctor will remind you of annual checkups. And that early detection is the best chance for a cure - of everything from colds to cancer. However, according to the aforementioned Mayo Clinic Health Letter , no large studies show that early detection saves lives in the general population.

Two years ago, a retired gentleman who suffered from an enlarged prostate walked into Mrs.Hsu's store. His doctor also suggested exploratory surgery for prostate cancer. "I do not regret one penny of the cost of Mrs.Hsu's program," said the 71 year old former TV repairman.

"My severe prostate problem is past; my waistline is down to my last belt notch and my failing energy has returned. I'm no longer constipated." Amen!


Feel Better, it's simple!

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Do you have following symptoms? You may be suffering from Enlarged Prostate (BPH):
  • Frequent need to urinate.
  • Pain or burning during urination.
  • Frequent waking up to urinate at night.
  • Weak, variable, or dribbling urine stream.
  • Feeling that your bladder never completely empties.
  • Need to strain or push bladder to urinate.
  • Difficulty beginning urination.

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