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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu

In 1954 I fell while working at the University hospital and shattered the disk in my knee. It cleared from my knee but moved up to my hips. By 1968 the med center and the Doctors Hospital were prescribing 15 medications to me. My doctor told me that I had sickle cell traits and deterioration in my bones and joints. Then in 1973 I had plastic discs placed in both hips and the calcium deposits cleaned out and removed.

I was on physical therapy after that, but gave up my therapy when I moved south that year and the calcium fused back together. Since then I depend on a wheel chair and crutches to get around so the pressure is off of my hips.

Since 1975 my eyesight began to dim in my left eye though Doctors couldn't find anything wrong. Later the University Hospital diagnosed the problem to be dried blood behind my eye from hypertension although my blood pressure reading has always been normal. I had annoying light flashes and dark shadows clouding my vision and was unable to drive at night. After all the surgery and medicine through these years, I had lost all my energy and motivation to work and my nerves were so bad I was on Valium and Codeine. Often I would have sharp pains in my breasts and my heart would flutter or jump and I would get chest pains.

I've been using ginseng tea since February 1978 and by the 2nd time I drank it I noticed more pep. The biggest blessing is that the flashes and shadows in my eye have disappeared. I no longer have to use eyeglasses except when I sew. The pains I had in my chest are gone and heavy depressed feelings have left me. I believe if i continue to take the tea that the calcium deposits will dissolve without surgery. Already I have more movement in my legs and I am planning to get back on my therapy. My doctor says I am looking very well, have no trace of cholesterol or sugar in my blood and my heart is strong.

I am able to cope better now since using ginseng and even if it takes 3 years I'm going to work to walk normally again without my crutches and wheel chair.

I'm most grateful to God for my improved health and especially for the clearing in my eye. Thanks so much.


Mrs. Cummings, Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I want to tell you how I appreciate ginseng tea as I always tell you whenever I get more tea.

About 6 years ago, I heard about ginseng from my brother in Warren, Ohio. I wanted to use it, but never had an opportunity until I started to buy from you. My blood pressure was 240 before using the tea. I used to have headaches 7 days a week. They were so severe I couldn't even write a letter. I also jerked from nervous tension in my arm. My doctor said high blood pressure affected my eyes an I had a hard time reading without glasses on. My feet used to swell and I had to sit with them up. My shoulder and right arm was very painful and very weak from arthritis I couldn't lift things too well.

Since starting to take ginseng, my nerves are calm, I sleep better, and now I read without glasses. Within 2 weeks my blood pressure went down to almost normal. My doctor was surprised because none of his patients of my age (63) had pressure go down so fast.

I have no problem with my arthritis either, or with headaches. My husband had a stroke last year and when he came back from the hospital he was weak, had stomach problems, constipation and nervousness, and many other problems. We took 2 bottles of ginseng tea and went back to work. I am telling everybody about it. All the people I know who stayed with it have had good results and are happy with it.

I just wanted to tell you in writing how ginseng helped me and my husband.


Mrs. Judell Beaner

Columbus, Ohio


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