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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu





Dear Mrs. Hsu:

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks to you Mrs. Hsu for all of your help. You have shown me nothing but kindness from the first day I met you. I appreciate all the time and patience you have given me over the past few months in dealing with my "problem." I have now turned my "problem" into an opportunity, I have learn to eat nutritionally.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in August. I first met you when I came to your store to buy yogurt, did I have a lot to learn.

I started your program in January. The difference it has made is remarkable, I not only feel better, I look better. My energy level has increased greatly and I just feel healthy. I have experienced some discomfort and sometimes feel discouraged, but I have come to accept this discomfort as part of the cleansing process. I will continue to eat nutritionally to avoid my body from getting into its unhealthy condition.

The symptoms accompanying Multiple Sclerosis still occur, but less frequently and less intense. I believe that this healthy way of eating, combined with the normal precautionary steps taken for Multiple Sclerosis patients, has improved my physical health and hence my mental attitude toward my "problem."

Sincerely yours,

Julie Sislowski

P.S. My husband and family would also like to thank you for improving their health.

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

After spending almost two months with you, Mrs.Hsu, I feel I want to once again express my gratitude for all you have done for me and also want to use this opportunity to share my experiences with others.

Before I came to you I had undergone two operations within 4 months time due to endometriosis and acute parametritis. Being sent home and trying to recover I realized that my energy level was gradually going down and that my body (skin) was burning all over, after which I lost most of my feelings in the skin (except from cold and warm sensation). My energy level had become so low that I knew I had again to get help from the medical profession. The doctor I went to see diagnosed the possibility of M.S. and advised me to see a neurologist. After being confronted with yet another nightmare, a friend from Chicago phoned me, asking how I was and offering the possibility of staying with you. I felt immediately that this was God's guidance and you found me the next day at your doorstep.

Although I responded very quick, I had no idea what this Internal Cleansing Course could do for me. It was like jumping in the water without knowing whether I would be able to swim or not. My trust was that Heavenly Father had guided me to stay with you.

After a couple of days already I started to feel that something was changing in my physical body. I was very, very tired when I came, but very soon I was able to go through the day without taking regular naps. Because I gradually understood the depth of the cleansing course I stopped worrying and this in itself made life much happier and easy. In no way was I able to drive a car, but after a few weeks I felt enough strength to do that. Being able to work in your store and to forget about myself has helped also a lot in the recovery as a whole. Since September 89, when I was diagnosed in need of an operation, I had not been able to feel happy. But now I really felt I was investing my time in something for the future. I was giving my physical body the attention it needed. No wonder the colon is called "humble"! It has been overlooked by the medical profession too long.

Through studying the books you have in the store, I started to realize that because my low iron level (9.0) my body didn't transport enough oxygen to keep the body clean and balanced. This was due to the blood loss during both operations and the use of antibiotics. What had happened to me was that the body had become autointoxicated very strongly and even my transverse colon collapsed. Myself I felt, when I was at home, that something had happened to my elimination process, but the doctor I went to see denied it.

When I returned to Indianapolis my friends were so astonished at the results of the cleansing program in such a short time. My relationship with my physical body had become so much better, that even my external appearance had changed. My face had become more feminine and my spirit more bright and relaxed.

Although I am soon moving to Europe, Mrs.Hsu, I will continue the program over there. I am happy to tell you that also my husband is on the program already now for nearly 3 months. Some of my friends have started the program and are already feeling the benefits of it. After I left your store, I realized that a harmonious environment will bring about quicker results. Also exercise is very important for a total recovery.

Wishing you all of god's blessing in your work and hoping that the medical profession will soon wake up and see the value of this internal cleansing program as a means of recovery of the whole body.



Rita Salaris

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