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Mark Smith

The Book I write with Ginseng

I wrote The Owner-Builder Book: How You Can Save More Than $100,000 in the Construction of Your Custom Home in four months' time in 1997. I couldn't have done it without ginseng tea I have been buying from HSU Wholistic since 1987.

Over the years, I noticed that my writing projects as a management consultant went quickly and well if I drank ginseng tea before sitting down to write. It provided an important mental clarity. When I sat down to write my first full length book, I had the same thing in mind.

But the ginseng surprised me this time. Preparing notes for the book led me to do hours of keyboarding at the computer. On some occasions, I typed steadily for 8 hours in a day. By the time I was ready to draft the book, I didn't think I could do it physically.

My wrists and forearms were constantly sore, forcing me to cut my keyboarding short more days. That's when I discovered an unexpected benefit of ginseng tea.

As I took the planned doses of ginseng for mental clarity, I also got relief of my forearm and wrist pain. The difference was gradual but very pronounced. I manage to keyboard comfortably for four months to produce the book.

My relief was so complete that I relaxed by playing games of Tetris at the computer, a fast moving gave that previously caused me so much forearm pain I had to quit during periods writing.

I have continued to write and play computer games to my heart's content - just by taking ginseng tea on a regular basis. Now I am happy to report The Owner-Builder Book has been a great success. The book has brought mention in more than 150 newspapers and magazines in North brought mention in more than 150 newspapers and magazines in North America. And I am working on a sequel volume - Thanks to ginseng tea.

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Long term European experiments with ginseng and the elderly show clear improvement for mental outlook states, raising spirits, and improving optimism and attitude. Ginseng is regularly recommended for depression and insomnia in Europe. Ginseng's general brain benefits include assisting memory, concentration, alertness, and improved learning ability. Alzheimer’s disease tests show evidence that ginseng helps in slowing the progression of memory loss.

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