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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs.Hsu

About two months ago, I started drinking ginseng tea on a daily basis. I was inspired to do so because I've read how it has helped others. I must tell you that I am so pleased with the result even after only such a short time.

I have asthma and have also been struggling with all of the symptoms of menopause. I've had so many bad headaches last year and altogether, I just didn't feel like myself. Now, I no longer have headaches and I feel so much better overall. Even my asthma attacks are much less severe and less frequent than in the past.

The tea tastes great because I use Royal Jelly for sweetening. I want to thank you for introducing Ginseng to me and I am looking forward to a healthier and happier year 1997.


Jean Steiner
























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