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Lupus is a multi-system, auto-immune, inflammatory, viral disease affecting over half a million Americans, more than 80% of them black and Hispanic women.  The immune system becomes disoriented and develops antibodies that attack its own connective tissue.

A friend of mine has lupus. Can your program help her?
I have observed a number of cases where people were able to overcome this problem.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease characterized by chronic inflammation of the organs. The immune system malfunctions and develops antibodies that attack connective tissue. Joints and blood vessels are affected as well, producing symptoms similar to arthritis. Viral infections, immunizations and mental stress can affect the development of lupus. Parasites are involved with lupus because the droppings excreted contain poisons which will prevent healing.

These poisons, combined with the ones from the air, water and food we eat, overwhelm the immune system and irritate the tissues of the body, causing inflammation.

So what should lupus sufferers do? They have to eliminate all processed foods. In order to build the immune system, all health destroying habits, such as smoking, also have to be eliminated. A diet of mostly whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits along with distilled water and carrot juice should be used. Protein from animal sources can be used once a day in the evening, or from a vegetarian source such as lentils, beans of various kinds and soy products such as tofu. The body must be cleansed of all accumulated waste internally.

DC-1, DC-2, DC-3, LIV-C, and ginseng should be incorporated to accomplish these purposes.

Diatomaceous earth should be used as part of the Cleansing Program to destroy parasites in the intestines. To assist in the repair and healing of the body, food supplements should be incorporated as well.

That amounts of course to a lot of changes in the diet of most people, but ending suffering and people with lupus certainly do suffer, should be more than worth it.

Diane, a young mother from Dublin, Ohio, had not been feeling well. She was tired much of the time and experiencing more and more pain in all joints of her body. From different doctors, all she received was antibiotics for the pain and a "psychosomatic" diagnosis ("There's nothing physical, it's all in your head").

Still, the extreme muscle and joint pains persisted, as did her allergies, the high blood pressure, overweight, insomnia, fatigue, and sun sensitivity that caused facial rashes when she stayed in the sun any length of time.

"I became used to the pain," she remarked. For 20 years, Diane received anti-inflammatory drugs. She was grateful when more powerful drugs arrived on the scene - which she now knows - only masked her pain.

Finally, a doctor correctly diagnosed her problem. "Diane, you have lupus!", he said.

Lupus is the more common name for Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE). SLE is one of the connective tissue diseases in the same family as Rheumatoid Arthritis, only more serious. Besides the extreme joint pain, Dr. John Christopher says "All lupus patients have parasites!"

Diane found out that lupus can be expensive. Having lupus can be more than a joint pain. It can be a pain in the pocketbook. It's expensive because of medical care, lab tests and hospitalization. As property manager for Capital Properties Inc., Diane shared her frustration with one of her renters, who suggested: "You should visit Mrs. Hsu."

We met in June and Diane began my complete program June 21. August 14th, less than 2 months later, after removing beef and dairy products and switching to proper food combining, Diane's high blood pressure returned to normal; her pains have diminished, and she can now stay in the sun for short periods. Since latter July she's been walking 4 miles a day!

Her allergies have vanished; her considerable overweight has dropped (37 pounds in less than 2 months); and her lupus is almost all gone. What a joy to see this brand new beautiful Diane!

According to Dr. Robert H. Phillips, (Center for Coping with Chronic Conditions, Garden City, NY), "Researchers are working hard, trying to find a cure for lupus. But until that time, you'll still have to live with it."

Maybe so. Perhaps more than "researchers", we need more "miracles". Like Diane Yavari.

Sung Bok Hsu


Common Causes:Viral infection; degeneration of the body, often caused by too many antibiotics or prescription drugs from Hydrazine derivatives; alcoholism; food allergies; emotional stress; reaction to certain chemicals; latent diabetes; overgrowth of Candida albicans yeasts; chronic fatigue sysdrome;trigged by UV sunlight.

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Other commonly used herbs & supplement therapy for Lupus

1) For inflammation and pain reduction.

2) Relieve stress

3) For Depression

4) For healing of the liver

5) For immune system

All dairy products.

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