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Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I can really say that ginseng tea is good. I've been using it for about five months and it really peps me up.

I am 77 years old now and when I was younger I worked as a minor for about 29 years. My breathing has been gradually deteriorating since that time but in the last 8 years it has really gotten me down. I would not have enough strength or lung capacity to walk much more than just around the house a little and on more humid days it became very hard to tolerate the heaviness in my chest and lungs.

At first when I started using ginseng I didn't notice any change, but after about 2 months I think it was just starting to help me and now my breathing is a lot better plus the arthritis that I was having pain from in my back and legs is cleared up.

The tea really helps me and I feel it is good to try it. It takes some time for it to work but by letting nature take its course I can really see a difference now that medication didn't do for me


Mr. Freemon Ghee

Columbus, Ohio


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