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Dear Mrs. Hsu

I have passed my 79th birthday and am using your LIV-C to cleanse my liver. No one believes my advanced age. The average senior citizen just lives to eat! "Let's go out to eat" is their favorite sport! Is that all there is after age 65?

I usually swim, bowl and golf alone - my peers are all pooped out! My pals are 30 years younger than I. I hope I have not given the impression of boastfulness...I just feel "out of step" with the rest of the seniors. Their illnesses, aches and pains are the result of over-eating and no exercise. Their obesity is a problem they simply ignore - they call it "old-age"; as also their arthritis. As yet, it has not "found" me

Sincerely submitted,

Rose Holub, Mountain Home, AR

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Liver Cancer

Ginseng is being studied f
or its ability to inhibit the growth and formation of liver cancer cells, one of the most difficult cancers to overcome. Tests showed that ginseng stimulates protein synthesis and converts cancer cell characteristics both functionally and morphologically to those resembling normal liver cells...... a process induced in the study by a single ginsenoside! There are very few substances, synthetic or natural, which have been shown to differentiate tumor cells into normal functioning cells. While scientific experiments go on, we are fortunate that we can buy and use this safe remedy during its testing, something impossible with drugs.

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