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Dear Mrs. Hsu,

Your products are superior! I will try to list some of the benefits I have received since following your Internal Cleansing Program for the last three years.

1) Health was my aim. I have been a vegetarian since 1971, but with your diet of fruit in the morning and no dairy products, there was no sinus congestion or cold ever.

2) After many years (50 or more) of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, upper and lower GI's, ect., elimination is a new experience. I feel clean!

3) I have been 5 to 15 lbs. overweight all my life. The 20 lbs. I lost when I began your program, have stayed off and my skin is clear and I feel great! It is a delight to shop and wear a size 8 or less for my now good figure and my weight does not vary. I am 75 years young.

4) I eat generous amounts of food and thoroughly enjoy my food as never before!


I will continue to shout my approval to whoever will listen.


Anita Exline

Stow, OH

Dear HSU & Co.

We are writing to thank you for helping us with the HSU "Internal Cleansing Program". It has literally changed our lives for the better.

The past seven weeks since we started have been very rewarding. Almost immediately we felt our energy, stamina and health returning. Together my husband and I have lost a total of 50 pounds without trying, ever being hungry or feeling deprived.

As I have some background in the dietary/nutrition field I find this especially remarkable. Previously, over the past several years, we had altered our diet to low-fat/high fiber, no fast foods or red meats, eating yogurt every day and including walking regularly for exercise as recommended by the A.M.A. and the American Heart Association. After some initial weight loss we both remained excessably overweight and were developing health problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Reiter's syndrome (arthritis), hiatal hernia, phlebitis, candida, frequent colds, sinusitis, bronchitis and two bouts with pneumonia last year alone, with severe side effects from the drugs given to "cure" these illnesses.

Of all these ailments the most difficult to live with was the constant and often severe fatigue and loss of ambition. Due to the Hsu tune-up...we both are feeling great, have lots of energy and our outlook for the future is bright once again.

We are in our mid-forties and concerned with living a vital healthy life as we enjoy our careers and prepare for an active retirement. Now, instead of worrying about our health problems, and their rising cost...we are so happy to be starting over again on a new and wonderful road to health. It's so great to feel we are building our health and no longer destroying it.

The food-combining classes have helped a great deal in teaching us this new life style. I'm not sure we would have had such a good start if it weren't for all the support and information I've received from attending the classes several times a week. I have met so many pleasant and interesting people there, to say nothing of the wonder way Maureen has of preparing foods and helping people.

Again, we just want to say thanks to you, Helen, Steve, Maureen, Chris, Anita, Liza, Mr.Blair and of course Mrs.Hsu for being there and for each one of you being so sincerely interested in helping other to a better way of life. May God reward each one of you richly for your wonderful work.

Most sincerely,

Dennis E. Elliot

Maryann E. Elliott







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