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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I am taking this opportunity to tell you that I believe that the ginseng you suggested has helped me to manage my hypoglycemic condition to a significant extent. As you know, I was on a very rigid diet when I began taking the ginseng. I was also supplementing my diet with vitamins and minerals. I am still watching my diet, and I am still supplementing. The difference with ginseng that I've noticed is that I can now "go off" my diet from time to time with none of the side effects I used to experience almost immediately. My energy level is high, I have no depression ever, and I experience far less fatigue when I get inadequate rest. Since I am still observing a hypoglycemic diet and still supplementing, it is, of course, difficult to pin down just how much credit to assign to the ginseng for my overall feeling of well-being. I do know, though, that before I began taking ginseng I could not stray from my diet even slightly without paying the consequences. Now I have the ability to enjoy some previously forbidden foods and generally have more "freedom." As you know, my hypoglycemic condition was serious enough to be almost immobilizes at times. I am 100% improved.

I wish to include some other interesting information which concerns my mother. After talking with you, I convinced my mother, who is in her seventies, to try ginseng for her arthritis. She went to her doctor for a checkup after having been on ginseng for about three weeks. Although after such a short time there was no remarkable change noted in the arthritis, he advised her that he could find no trace of the glaucoma which she had had several years. Since she did not,until I talked with her two weeks later, even associate ginseng with glaucoma, it bold seem that any psychological basis for the remission of this condition could be ruled out

Thank you for your encouragement!

I will keep you informed

sincerely yours,

Barbara M.Biley

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

For the past 8 years I've been seriously ill and have been to 14 different doctors, before coming to you. My diagnosis was that I had Epstein-Barr Virus, severe Hypoglycemia, Allergies to 40 different foods and Cadmium poisoning. Needless to say I was a wreck with little hope for my future.

During the past 3 months of following your internal cleansing and health building program (Meal Plan), my health has steadily improved. I can work through all kind of pressure and I'm happy to say I am no longer worried about my future.

Thank you,

Paul Herman










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