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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu,

It's been four years now since I've started drinking ginseng tea and how grateful I am that I did. I used to have terrible high blood pressure, over 200! Then I started drinking ginseng tea together with other natural supplements and gradually my blood pressure came down to where it is today, a beautiful 120 to 130 over 80.

I am 72 years old and I credit the ginseng tea with keeping me moving. At first, the taste was little unusual, but I've really acquired a taste for the tea. I make it with distilled water and I don't use any sweetner. A few years back I also had 2 hip replacement surgeries, but I overcame that as well. For someone my age, I have quite a bit of energy. I think I will keep on drinking Ginseng tea for as long as I live.


Marjorie White

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

It was 1977 when you knocked on our neighbor's door and introduced your ginseng. You noticed me in the yard next door, and politely introduced yourself. A year later, we became aware of something special in your ginseng. We were to discover how it helped the body to function normally on its own.

We started taking ginseng September 3, 1977. After two weeks we could see a big difference in our energy, it has given us some of the endurance that we had 20-25 years ago.

My husband's blood pressure was high. After using the ginseng regularly, it returned to normal and he no longer has a need for the blood pressure medicine.

It takes away the desire for coffee. We have found physical and mental efficiency as well as relaxation to sleep.

After many years of allergies, my daughter was finally able to be around grass...without sneezing and having itchy, watery eyes. The ginseng has also helped her mild asthma and colds.

When I feel a hypoglycemic attack coming, a cup of ginseng gives me instant relief. I just feel my whole body relaxing. I wouldn't be without ginseng.

Mr. & Mrs. Laland Cooley,

Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu:

As you know, I had a very positive experience at the HSU HEALTH RETREAT. For the first time in my life, I was able to keep off weight that I had lost.

Since that time however, I felt like I needed some assistance in maintaining the discipline for the program. I want to thank you for all the information and help you've given me since I started the HSU ENERGY PLUS program. Our weekly consultations have helped me to feel happier and more in control of my health than ever before.

My blood pressure has gone down and my skin is softer than ever, especially since I started skin brushing. Even though I am now pregnant, I look forward to continuing the program throughout my pregnancy.

The wonderful thing about this program is that with a little discipline it is easy to follow and the benefits are priceless-dynamic health! I am sure others can benefit from such a comprehensive weight-loss program.



Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I really believe ginseng is good for the body. No matter what you health problem is, it can really help.

I've been using three to four cups of ginseng tea daily since January of this year. For the previous six years I was taking two to three blood pressure pills a day, but now I take only one pill a day. The doctor's medicine helped to keep down the pressure, but I think the improvement came about because of the ginseng. I am hoping soon I will be able to get off the pills completely.

In 1976 I began taking insulin once a day. Now I am normal in my sugar and my doctor stopped treating me for diabetes totally.

I've worked all my life until about two years ago when my high blood pressure and diabetes made me feel so bad that I quit my job. I was miserable to have to stay at home and do nothing, but the doctor said I couldn't safely continue working.

Within three months since I started taking ginseng I called my old job back and was happy to be able to go to work again. At first my arthritis kicked back again because I was not using those muscles and joints for two years and I guess I overdid it. Then I had to change back to a lighter job. Now I am working back on construction work building bridges and I love the work.

If you drink ginseng regularly you'll feel good. I know that for sure now, and after six months of use I'd recommend anyone to try it to see for themselves how beneficial it is. Your company's concern over my well-being in the past several months has been most appreciated. Thank you for your work in Columbus introducing ginseng to us.


Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I wanted to write about the health improvement that I have experienced since I began to drink ginseng tea.

I have been having health problems ever since 1951 and have been going to doctors for years. I was without my energy, had high blood pressure and arthritis that bothered me to the point that I just didn't do anything. I didn't go out of the house, I didn't work in my workroom for maybe a full year. I'd go to sleep in the afternoon, and couldn't walk across the room without nearly collapsing.

I started using ginseng tea in April this year and the difference in my energy now is amazing. I wake up with too much energy to lay around like I used to. I sleep better, my mind feels sharper and I've been working on my electronics now every day. I noticed a rash on my leg that was a real problem for me disappear just within the first month of using ginseng tea. It's real good, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better and find relief from health problems like I had. As I continue to take it, I notice a lot of fluids being thrown out too, and that's a very good thing for many people with fluid problems. I know it takes time to do all these things, but I sure feel better.


Richard Rideout

Columbus, OH

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

For me ginseng has been like the fountain of youth. I am the mother of seven children and have never had to have an operation, but from July through October, I was unable to work. I had dizziness and could not drive. A nervous condition caused much of my hair to fall out and I had so much water weight I could not see my ankles or move my watch on my arm. I spent almost two months just lying on my couch at home except to visit the doctor.

In August, when I began to take ginseng tea, I noticed many favorable signs. I had been on medicine to lose water weight but with the ginseng tea I lost 30 lbs. by the 1st of October. My shoe size went down from a 9 1/2 or 10 1/2 and now 8 1/2 is too big. My size in clothing was 18 and now 16 is too big. Because of my nervous tension I was quite a heavy coffee drinker, but I haven't had any coffee now for six months. My blood pressure, which was high, is normal, and I no longer have a heart murmur like I did before taking ginseng.

I have noticed other good signs too. With ginseng I go to the bathroom regularly and often as water is eliminated and as a result I don't sweat like I used to. My skin is changing a lot and the dark circles I had under my eyes are going away. Because the tea fills me up I tend to eat the right foods and I have much more energy than before. My sister has noticed the same extra energy from using it and my 13 year old grandson is losing weight because of it.

I used to be real nervous around my fellow workers, but now there is a big change and people are asking me what happened. I don't get worried or bothered by things like I used to and I even think it helped me with the depressions of some recent deaths in my family.

Anyone taking ginseng should take it for three months at least to let it clean their system out. If I can get off the doctor's pills and take ginseng instead that's much better. When I go the the doctor I will go along with his program but keep on taking my ginseng too.

I attribute everything to God and ginseng and I wouldn't be without it.


Mrs. Mary Wormley

Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I want to tell you how I appreciate ginseng tea as I always tell you whenever I get more tea.

About 6 years ago, I heard about ginseng from my brother in Warren, Ohio. I wanted to use it, but never had an opportunity until I started to buy from you. My blood pressure was 240 before using the tea. I used to have headaches 7 days a week. They were so severe I couldn't even write a letter. I also jerked from nervous tension in my arm. My doctor said high blood pressure affected my eyes an I had a hard time reading without glasses on. My feet used to swell and I had to sit with them up. My shoulder and right arm was very painful and very weak from arthritis I couldn't lift things too well.

Since starting to take ginseng, my nerves are calm, I sleep better, and now I read without glasses. Within 2 weeks my blood pressure went down to almost normal. My doctor was surprised because none of his patients of my age (63) had pressure go down so fast.

I have no problem with my arthritis either, or with headaches. My husband had a stroke last year and when he came back from the hospital he was weak, had stomach problems, constipation and nervousness, and many other problems. We took 2 bottles of ginseng tea and went back to work. I am telling everybody about it. All the people I know who stayed with it have had good results and are happy with it.

I just wanted to tell you in writing how ginseng helped me and my husband.


Mrs. Judell Beaner

Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

In 1974, at the age of 58, I had an attack of high blood pressure. I went to the hospital with dizziness and headache and my blood pressure was 220, but I guess God wasn't ready for me to have a stroke. I had pains in the back of my neck that I thought was on account of the lifting work I did with North American Van Lines for 20 years. The doctors couldn't find what caused the blood pressure, but I had to quit work that same year. The medicine and pain killers didn't help much and they had too many bad side effects.

Nothing took the pain out of my neck until I took ginseng. Within three months the pains in my neck were gone, my headaches were gone, the dizziness was gone and I sleep so much better now. I've been using the tea since November of last year and it is really good.

Some people worry about the cost of the tea but if something helps the cost doesn't matter. Also I find that I don't have the taste for alcohol like I used to and I'm sure the ginseng has something to do with that. I'm not sorry at all to cut down on my drinking because liquor is expensive, so in the long run ginseng is saving me money.

I had been reading about ginseng for a long time and wanted to try it if I could in the real thing. I knew capsules must have additives so I was very glad to have the tea introduced to me.

I hope you can help many more people in your work. I thank you very much for what you have done for me. God bless you.


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Ginseng is used world wide as a tonic against cardiovascular disorders, including heart attack, and heart disease. In recent clinical trials on elderly patients with high blood pressure, ginseng was shown to produce a steady, consistent reduction in blood pressure. The average drop was 23 in the blood pressure of patients with a systolic pressure above 140.

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