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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu,

Talk about problems....!

...Heel spurs, hot flashes and hair falling out is no fun! Two months on the Hsu Program and instead of shots for my bald spot, I was able to cancel my next appointment and save $60.00!

Oh! Arthritis and stomach problems are almost a thing of the past. I feel great. The lessons I've learned from you will be with me the rest of my life. It's amazing, how little we know about the most important thing in our life - our health!

I just want to thank you Mrs. Hsu, particularly for your lectures. Being on the program has done wonders for me and my husband. Our health is very important to us.

I encourage anyone to take time to attend a Friday lecture.

Helga Mauler

Bucyrus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I have been on the HSU program for two years now.

I have always been active athletically since the age of 12 and figured I would always feel good and strong, but eventually I started feeling tired a lot earlier in the day - which is hard to accept when you think you are physically fit.

I then found out about HSU and CO. and the way to food combine - Oh what a difference!

Instant energy and relief!

Nothing I've tried has given me more energy than the HSU program.

Your program is better than fasts, since fasts require some phyching up and the benefits are temporary if you don't eat properly. The easy-to-follow program of HSU's internal cleansing can allow you to continue for as long as you wish.

So far I have experienced a decrease in fatigue, wavy fingernails, migraine headaches, menstrual cramp pains, gas, and small hard lumps under the skin on my face. I've experienced a disappearance of my heel spurs, shaky hands, and poor circulation of my legs at night which usually happened after a workout.

Also, I like the fact that whenever I have a question about the HSU program, I'm just a phone call away from an answer by the helpful and friendly employees of HSU and CO.

Thank you for making this cleansing and combining program available and easy to follow. I've had everything to gain by losing my pains!


Anna Fedor, Minneapolis, MN.







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