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Joseph A. Pingue, Jr., has been a customer at Mrs. Hsu's Morse Rd. store for about three years.

It wasn't until about a year ago though, that he really became serious about Mrs. Hsu's Internal Cleansing Program. That's when he had a heart to heart talk with Mrs. Hsu about his heart and other health problems.

His doctor diagnosed Joseph with Mitral Valve Prolapse. Before going on the full cleansing program, his heart missed anywhere from 1000 to 5000 beats per day! Now, the skipped beats are down to around a 100. That's a 90 percent improvement. That's not the only thing that changed though.

December 94
December 95

"I feel so much better" Joseph says. There is only one thing he wants to accomplish: "I could lose more weight." Being in the Real Estate business, Joseph spends most of his days on the road, meeting clients over lunch and dinner. That kind of life doesn't lend itself easily to food combining, but he knows how that too can be accomplished. "Whenever I am following the food combining directions, my weight comes down."

Last, and certainly not least, we wanted to show you the picture of a monthly event that caught the attention of our staff and a number of customers at HSU & CO. Joseph meticulously plans ahead and leaves no room for confusion or missing any of Mrs. Hsu's supplements that have brought about the above mentioned results. First, he buys all of the supplements he needs. Then he lines up all of the bottles in front of him and fills five trays, each with three columns, representing breakfast, lunch and dinner, and six rows (5x6 is 30 days!), and fills them with the supplements, as advised by Mrs. Hsu's Internal Cleansing Program. He also has a smaller supplement box that he carries easily with him when he is on the road. No more mistakes and no more missed supplements!

From time to time we get calls from customers lamenting that they get confused about what supplement to take when. That is understandable and quite normal. If that happens to you, why not use Joseph's method. Invest maybe thirty or forty minutes at the beginning of each month and than be free from worries. That way you will also know at least a month in advance when it is time to reorder any of the Internal Cleansing Program supplements.

Congratulations, Joseph, on your improved health and thanks for the great tip and example, on how you've made Mrs. Hsu's Program work for you.





















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