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"My migraines are gone!" Jennie philips, California

"....Speaking of food, I can always tell when my body is cleansing well, because whenever I do improper food combos, I get a headache five-ten minutes afterward. I used to never get those.

I used to suffer with migraines since college days and sometimes in high school. When I started cleansing they stopped. I noticed other little things.

Besides losing the 15 pounds of crud in my system, I noticed a small patch of hair in front center of my head, growing in a thinned spot - it was black instead of gray.

When I returned home from my trip to Columbus, Ohio, I noticed one of my toenails returned to its natural color. The toenail used to be black. So my body is renewing itself from head to toe. Another thing is I don't wake up with an awful-smelling breath in the morning."

Jennie Philips, Lomma Linda, California

(In her mid 30's, Jennie Phillips had worked for the Loma Linda hospital, Loma Linga, CA. Several months ago, Jennie attended a Mrs.Hsu's lecture, explaining afterwards how Mrs. Hsu makes it so easy for one to understand the program that is working wonder for her. No matter where you live, you can watch the same lecture Jennie watched via video tape now available. Ed.)

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

When I first leaned about ginseng about a year ago, I wanted to try some because I have been in poor health for some time. I went to a neighborhood drug store and bought some tablets which I used faithfully for 4 weeks. I did not see much difference so I discontinued them.

Then I heard that IL Hwa ginseng tea is strong than the tablets so I started using one cup of IL HWA ginseng tea a day. I've had diabetes for 3 years which keeps me very tired and I was happy with the strength that tea gave me.

After my first jar of tea, I bought some more now and then but never continued regularly. Then I started using the ginseng tea and my sugar level began to improve. After one month I financially couldn't continue with it, so during the month of May my sugar level went up to where it was before taking the tea. Then in June I started with the tea again on a continuous basis. Where I used to take 48 units of insulin daily, now I am down to only 14 units and my test are returning negative.

I used to wake up with a headache every morning and I would sit up for as long as an hour before I could gather up the energy to do anything. During the day I would use 12 or more Excederin to try to get some relief. Now each morning I am refreshed and ready to go about my business without headaches to copy with. I've also notice my vision is clearing up a lot and my eyes feel less tired and strained.

I've returned to my trucking work now and I feel that soon I will not have any diabetes problem to worry about. I'm glad I finally stayed with it long enough to give it a chance to work. I'm grateful you renewed my interest in trying ginseng again.

Please accept my sincere thanks.

Buford Thomas, Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

Overweight was the least of my problems. Constant headaches, fatigue, bone aches and last but not least: Depression.

Would you believe all these symptoms have disappeared? The Hsu Program teaches you what to do - but you have to do it. The weight loss was a nice surprise, but the satisfaction of overcoming my problems is my greatest satisfaction. If I can do it - what are you waiting for?

Woodrow Amos, Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

We are writing to thank you and to let you know of the wonderful things that have happened to our health. Brenda attended one of you Friday night seminars in late March. She was suffering from a face and neck skin disorder that was aging her beyond her years. The skin disorder was causing her to lose confidence; her personality was changing; she was not happy being Brenda.

We had spent hundreds of dollars at doctors' office and hospitals to try and find a cure; nothing was working; She came home from your seminar with your Total Cleansing Program. I began to read the literature.

The more I read, the more sense it made.

I was trapped in a world of pills to try and overcome severe migraine headaches for over 20 years. I was on a combination of Inderal, Valium, Naprosyn, Fioricet, and large amounts of Excedrin daily. At one point I was even getting Cortisone shots directly into veins in my head and neck.

I also spent much of my life on heating pads and in my hot tub, trying to live with the pain. You can understand that this does not give a very happy outlook on life, for oneself or those trying to live near this type of person.

Only by the grace of God, was I kept alive using all those pills.

On April 4, 1994, we both started on the Cleansing Program. Brenda began to notice an improvement in her skin condition. Within two weeks the problem was totally gone. To my surprise my migraine headaches were gone by the third day. I have been off all the pills since that day. After about two weeks, the tension in my neck and should were gone.

What got peoples' attention was the weight that we lost. From 220 pounds, I went down to 188 pounds in 55 days. People were asking what diet we were on. How anyone can call your program a diet is beyond me. We eat more food than we ever ate before. How can that be a diet?

The only frustration that we have is with people we are around that need what your program offers. Many of our friends, relatives and business associates suffer from various health problems. You would think that everyone would want to lead a healthy life, for as long as possible. Not so.

I am convinced that some people must really like to suffer, or they need the sympathy...their health situation gets them. The Bible tells us in the First Corinthians, that God uses the simple things to confound the so-called wise.

We truly believe that your program is God's answer to perfect health.

Jerry Held, Brenda Held Orient, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I want to thank you for helping me get well. I am writing this letter for the benefit of anyone who has had similar problems.

Throughout my life I have had excess ear wax. Also, I have had excruciating headaches that immobilized me. Because the pain began behind my eyes, I sought the help for an eye specialist. He told me the problem originated in my eyes, but then could only offer me short-term relief from the pain.

About six months ago when I described by problem to you, you told me about your Internal Cleansing and Nutritional Support Program. In the past I would drink milk by the gallons. I thought it was good for me. How was I to know it was making me worse?

I am happy to say that since following your program, both my headaches and ear wax problems are gone.

By the way, I don't believe I told you that I sued to become nauseated when I worked out. Now I don't! When I began your program I lost weight, but I have since gained it back in muscle and I work out without any difficulty.

Through the years of search, your program is the only one that has helped me. I'm feeling so incredibly well now. I hope others will learn of the benefits received from following your program and enjoy better health, as I do now.


Jack Stahlee, Jr.

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I want to tell you how I appreciate ginseng tea as I always tell you whenever I get more tea.

About 6 years ago, I heard about ginseng from my brother in Warren, Ohio. I wanted to use it, but never had an opportunity until I started to buy from you. My blood pressure was 240 before using the tea. I used to have headaches 7 days a week. They were so severe I couldn't even write a letter. I also jerked from nervous tension in my arm. My doctor said high blood pressure affected my eyes an I had a hard time reading without glasses on. My feet used to swell and I had to sit with them up. My shoulder and right arm was very painful and very weak from arthritis I couldn't lift things too well.

Since starting to take ginseng, my nerves are calm, I sleep better, and now I read without glasses. Within 2 weeks my blood pressure went down to almost normal. My doctor was surprised because none of his patients of my age (63) had pressure go down so fast.

I have no problem with my arthritis either, or with headaches. My husband had a stroke last year and when he came back from the hospital he was weak, had stomach problems, constipation and nervousness, and many other problems. We took 2 bottles of ginseng tea and went back to work. I am telling everybody about it. All the people I know who stayed with it have had good results and are happy with it.

I just wanted to tell you in writing how ginseng helped me and my husband.


Mrs. Judell Beaner Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs.Hsu

About two months ago, I started drinking ginseng tea on a daily basis. I was inspired to do so because I've read how it has helped others. I must tell you that I am so pleased with the result even after only such a short time.

I have asthma and have also been struggling with all of the symptoms of menopause. I've had so many bad headaches last year and altogether, I just didn't feel like myself. Now, I no longer have headaches and I feel so much better overall. Even my asthma attacks are much less severe and less frequent than in the past.

The tea tastes great because I use Royal Jelly for sweetening. I want to thank you for introducing Ginseng to me and I am looking forward to a healthier and happier year 1997.


Jean Steiner

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