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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu,

We are writing this letter to tell you how much our health has improved since we began your diet program, and to express to you our appreciation for having so greatly improved the quality of our lives.

Initially, my wife came to see you after struggling for three years with ringworm, a fungal condition, and having been diagnosed as suffering from adrenal exhaustion. The itching caused by fungus made her terribly uncomfortable. She was also beginning to have age spots on her cheeks.

On June 24, 1985, you recommended that we begin the cleansing-health building diet. At that time, I agreed to support my wife by going on the diet with her. I didn't realize that I, too, would benefit greatly from following your instructions.

Before we began the cleansing program, I was constantly fatigued, and often fell asleep while driving. I never had enough energy for my daily activities and responsibilities.

Then you put us on the cleansing diet. Although I was not trying to lose weight, this happened as a fringe benefit. I lost 40 lbs in two months, and went from size 42 in pants to a size 38. The weight loss was great, but I am even more excited to tell you that I now have so much more energy. Last summer I drove 700 miles in one day and had no difficulty with staying alert. I feel great, younger, full of pep.

While I was noticing so much improvement in my health, my wife was also feeling much better. Her improvement was very noticeable, because after suffering for three years with red and itchy blotches on her arms and neck, with a month of beginning the cleansing program, the ringworm condition had greatly subsided and today it is completely healed.

Because of our renewed health, and energy, and because we feel so much better when eating correctly, we have continued on the diet to this day.

Thank you for your program. My wife and I are so pleased with what this cleansing program has done for us that we are happy to share our experiences with anyone who will listen. Thank you for so greatly improving the quality of our lives.


Ernest Winnestaffer

Katherine Winnestaffer














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