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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Friends,

After several years of pain in my joints I was now diagnosed with incurable Fibromyalgia, Post Polio Syndrome, and some unknown stomach pain. At 44, the doctors said I would probably end up in a wheelchair soon. As the mother of 7 year old twins, I wept to think that I would no longer be able to play with my children. I was doubled over in pain when I called Mrs.Hsu who put me on her program. I was so desperate, with no hope. I had been to every kind of doctor but no one could help me.

At first, I was so sick, my brother-in-law and sister had to prepare the food and vitamins. I could not even stand up. When I decided to exercise, I chose swimming and could barely do one lap in the pool. Then, day by day, my energy started to return and my stomach stopped hurting. My joints stopped burning and my stamina increased tremendously. After one month I was able to cook for myself and the pain in my stomach had disappeared. Then I bought a bike and began riding. I cried for joy I was able to ride again. I had sold my bike a few years earlier due to the pain in my joints.

After three months I was able to swim for one hour a day and general state of chronic fatigue turned to boundless energy. By 6 A.M. I would jump out of bed and exercise for one hour. I was so grateful to God and Mrs.Hsu for giving me back my health. But, actually, I had taken it back myself by following this program and taking responsibility for my own health.

For anyone who is hopeless, tired, in pain, or chronically ill, I urge you to try this program. When your health hits rock bottom, there is only one way and that is up. Mrs.Hsu has obviously done her homework and put together a simple program that teaches us how to live the way God intended.

I will never go back to my old way of eating. I feel Mrs.Hsu's program was the difference between life an death for me. I recently found out that my mother and grandfather both died of stomach cancer in their early fifties. I now realize had I not listened to Mrs.Hsu, I would probably have died also. Health is a precious gift. Whatever state of ill health you're in, it is never too late to get well and stay well throughout your life. Thanks to Mrs.Hsu I learned this valuable lesson before it was too late. May God continue to bless Mrs.Hsu's selfless efforts to help others get well.


Bestsy Orman, Fargo, North Dakota















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