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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu,

Please accept this not of gratitude for introducing me to ginseng. Since my introduction I have faithfully consumed two cups of the tea a day and I have noticed some very positive results.

I used to wake up each morning and feel very tired. As a matter of fact, it used to take me several hours to wake to the point where I could function properly at my work. Now each morning I wake feeling fully rested. I am not sleeping longer, but I am drinking the tea in the evening before I go to bed.

Other good things are happening, too; I have less desire to drink coffee each day at work (I used to be consume five or more cups a day), I have had fewer headaches, and I seem to be better able to deal with tension, which is normal to my work. I should also mention that my love life is improved and I am becoming more conscious of my body and more concerned with putting it back in shape.

In all of this I am convinced that he tea has been the turning point. I thank you for the work that you are doing.


Columbus Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

Thank you Mrs. Hsu!...for teaching me how to feel good again. With your program you have made one of the most significant health contribution in my 46 years of life. I never would have imagined that I could feel this good at my age. I feel light and attractive and have a youthful spring in my step that has been missing for years. It's wonderful!

I'm more alert. I require less sleep and wake up feeling rested. No more headaches or funny little pains. My complexion has improved and the yellow in the whites of my eyes has left. Even my hair is healthier!

Any worthwhile endeavor however, is hard work, and your program is no exception. It requires persistence and discipline. The first ten days of the program, for me, were the most difficult. I had to deal with old cravings until my digestive system was initially purged. It also felt unfair to me that I had to give up foods I enjoyed so much. Caffeine being the most difficult obstacle to overcome.

But now I understand the price I was paying for my lack of culinary knowledge. In the past I would wrestle with food after meals, feeling full and loaded down, just to be hungry again in a few hours. Eating indiscriminately led to fatigue. I began using antacids and laxatives to offset my bodily complaints, never feeling contented.

Now eating is a lifting experience, consuming as much as I want of simpler foods I feel full and satisfied. And unlike "diets", which restrict how much you can eat, there is no desire to stop what I am doing. Your program is not about dieting but of a new way of eating.

Exercise is also an important part of the program. I don't believe one can be healthy without regular exercise. It seems to at stimulate all of the physical functions. I spend the first 20 minutes of my day with my skiing machine (a NordicTrack). mentally, I utilize this time to prepare for my day by reviewing the things that are important for me to accomplish, then I pray for the guidance and understanding to achieve them.

Financially your program actually saves me money compared to what I was spending to support my old eating habits. Also, I just finished with a cold, which normally would have left me feeling miserably for the first three days. But this time I hardly knew I had it! I was just a little less energetic. So I'm sure I will have future savings on medical bills.

Yes, I cheat occasionally, and have a bowl of my favorite ice cream or some chocolates. I deserve it, I work hard at the program, but after a few bites my desire is gone. I don't need enormous amounts to satisfy me because I already feel satisfied; they're now a treat not a "hunger".

My only problem now is finding a simple way to explain how I got this way to the many people who tell me how bright and healthy I now look.

I'll never again return to my old eating habits. I just feel too good. Thanks a million!


Jack Kessler

Vice President, The Earthrise Corporation

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

Just five laps to go on my bicycle and that will be it for today. Can I make it? Perhaps the tires are low. Two more laps and it is the bed for a bit before taking the "boss" (poodle) for a walk. After all, being close to 79 years, it is natural to slow down some. Laboriously, one more lap was completed. Climbing stairs was a chore.

Mrs. Hsu's newsletter arrived describing Ginseng. I called and talked to her. What a charming and knowledgeable lady she is!

Not long after taking the ginseng concentrate, I began riding the bicycle and kept looking down to see what was happening to the bike. It seemed to be motorized!

Then it dawned on me it was operating so effortlessly because I was feeling renewed vigor. It seemed that I could ride all day without any effort. Climbing stairs was as easy as riding an elevator. After sharing the ginseng with my little poodle for a while, she began skipping with first one hind leg after another, for the first time in five years!

She felt like dancing also.

Thank you, Mrs. Hsu

Dr. Marie Cassil, Kansas City, MO


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Stress is anything that lessens vitality, and it’s the single greatest factor in the promotion of disease. Ginseng is an adaptogen herb. It inherently helps your body handle stress. Ginseng combats fatigue by nourishing the adrenal glands and provides vigor and stamina without exhausting the nervous system.. A Ginseng combination acts as an all-over body tonic to deal with stress, rather than just as a “silver bullet.” Unlike other stimulants, such as caffeine, ginseng energizes only during times of stress. We live in a tense world, full of chemicalized foods, and polluted air and water. We don't get much exercise and many of us don't get enough sleep. Beyond its specific abilities, ginseng superbly helps us to deal with the stresses of our lives.

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