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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your great help during these three past months. When I met you in June, I was truly worried and hopeless about my health. I had fainting spells for three years and in the last month they become as frequent as three times a week. Finally, I was completely losing control of balance, and for this reason I could not walk in the street by myself. The doctor's diagnosis was seizure disorder and she was ready to send me to a specialist. It means I would have to be on strong drugs for a few years of my life just as I am preparing to have a family.

Well, I really hoped there could be another way. Then I was introduced to you through a friend. After your explanations I started to realize that my body was in a complete state of exhaustion because of malnutrition these past years. I was eating a lot of wrong food; sugar, chocolate, coffee, doughnuts, white four, cheese and milk. As a result, this past winter I had been weakened with bronchitis and sinusitis.

You offered me so kindly to stay with you to follow the cleansing program. It has been now three months since I started this program and I can see incredible change. It was not an instant change, it took patience and perseverance. I suppose if I was alone, I would have quit. The first weeks I could not really see any clear changes. In fact, the cleansing program created a lot of tumult in my body. For nine days I had diarrhea and my stomach reacted a lot due to the new kind of food, especially in the salads. Energywise I was very tired and I had to rest every day in the afternoon. The only change I noticed was my muscles were becoming more relaxed. I used to wake up completely contracted after a good night of sleep.

During the first six weeks I still fainted five times, but that was the end of it.

Even though this first month was not so easy, encouraged by your words, I kept following the program; eating the right food, and every morning walking and exercising in the park. Few times I experienced pain for three or four days in different parts of my body. As you explained to me, I understood that it was the lymph system activating cleansing. Every day I have been eliminating mucus from my sinuses. It truly takes time to clean a dirty system.

During these three months, even though I lost some weight, my appetite has been growing a lot. It feels as my body is calling constantly for more nutrition. As three months have ended many changes have occurred; mainly, I found energy. In the mornings I started jogging, which shows how much I have improved. I don't lose balance anymore. It is amazing that without taking drugs I recovered. I feel my body is renewed. As I found new strength I also received wisdom to take care better of the physical body which I realize is truly precious. Words are not enough to thank you for all you did for me.

God bless and you work!

Francoise Takenaka

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