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Dear HSU & Company,

Our youngest daughter, now 3 years old, has had eczema most of her life. It started on her head, arms and legs when she was a baby. As she became older, it became worse. She was very itchy and would scratch herself until she bled. Her pediatrician gave her cortisone cream, but after reading about the side effects, we hesitated to use it unless she had a really severe breakout. We gave her her daily oatmeal baths, and eliminated dairy foods, eggs and chocolate from her diet. Her two older sisters had never had any skin problems, so her case was a real puzzle for us. We knew that internal cleansing was essential, but she was too young to swallow DC-1 capsules, and the herbs were too bitter to mix with juice, so when she was about 2 years old we started giving her diluted "Laci Le Beau Super Dieter's Tea" mixed with honey. This increased her bowel movements and she started to eliminate loose stools mixed with mucous. We also focused on including lots of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, brown rice and whole grains in her diet. Her skin began to clear up. The herbs in Super Dieter's Tea can be habit forming though, so we did not want to continue giving her the tea indefinitely. The tea also sometimes gave her stomach cramps. Her eczema started to return.

We did research on the Internet and in various books. One book, "healthy Healing" by Linda Rector Page, N.D., Ph.D., said that people with eczema, "have trouble converting linoleic acid to gamma-linolenic acid." The book listed Evening Primrose Oil as an effective source of gamma-linolenic acid. Milk Thistle was also listed in this and other books to enhance liver function. Based on our research, we started giving her Evening Primrose Oil in a liquid form, Milk Thistle extract, Maxidophilus and Maxibifidus ("friendly bacteria") daily. We also applied aloe vera on her skin several times a day.

We are happy to report that her eczema has cleared up 99%. We continue to watch her diet and give her the above herbs and supplements. Our entire family is much happier now!

Yours in health,

Grace Sasaki

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

Our daughter has had eczema since junior high school. She had it on her scalp and all over her body. She had been using medication for it, but as soon as the medication was gone, the eczema would come back. When my husband and I started taking ginseng, she decided to try it too. After two or three weeks, her scalp and body started clearing up. She is now nineteen and in college, and her eczema is totally gone.

All of us have noticed that colds and flue are not major problems anymore because we had the strength we need to recover quickly.

I want to wish you a long and prosperous life. Keep bringing ginseng to Columbus to give new life to many others.


Columbus, Ohio








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