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Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I want to thank you for helping me get well. I am writing this letter for the benefit of anyone who has had similar problems.

Throughout my life I have had excess ear wax. Also, I have had excruciating headaches that immobilized me. Because the pain began behind my eyes, I sought the help for an eye specialist. He told me the problem originated in my eyes, but then could only offer me short-term relief from the pain.

About six months ago when I described by problem to you, you told me about your Internal Cleansing and Nutritional Support Program. In the past I would drink milk by the gallons. I thought it was good for me. How was I to know it was making me worse?

I am happy to say that since following your program, both my headaches and ear wax problems are gone.

By the way, I don't believe I told you that I sued to become nauseated when I worked out. Now I don't! When I began your program I lost weight, but I have since gained it back in muscle and I work out without any difficulty.

Through the years of search, your program is the only one that has helped me. I'm feeling so incredibly well now. I hope others will learn of the benefits received from following your program and enjoy better health, as I do now.


Jack Stahlee, Jr.

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

Two years ago I spend about one hour talking with you about my health problem. At that time I had been suffering for about three months from severe inner ear pain and dizziness.

My physician told me to take painkillers and a cold remedy three times a day. When no relief came I returned to the doctor and he said: "There is nothing I can do. You just have to live with it."

After talking with you I decided to follow your Back-to-Health Program and within 10 days all my pain and dizziness were gone completely.

Your program does take a big commitment and it took me three months to come to terms... BUT I am completely free of those old problems even now. Thank you for helping me. As you know, I've sent other people your way and they also happy about their improved health.


Norma Lind









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