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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu:

I have some exciting things to tell you. About three months ago I visited your Morse Road store and was helped by a nice young lady, Alyce, who explained to me about your program. I decided to begin by using your DC1, Ginseng tea and a couple of other supplements. I also began to change my eating habits to be more in line with your dietary suggestions.

The changes that have taken place in these short three months are just amazing.

1) I have high blood sugar and I check it every day. My sugar level used to be around 190. Now it is down to around 120.

2) I had arthritic pain in my right knee. I no longer have any complaints.

3) I used to suffer from bloating almost every time I ate. No more! Sometimes I may still overeat a little, even so, there is no more bloating.

4) My skin looks so much better. I used to have many dark spots on my face. They are gone.

5) I lost five pounds.

6) Lastly, I just feel so much better. I have energy I haven't had in a long time. I get up earlier, I feel more alert during the day. Life is just so much better now.

I changed my eating habits. I no longer eat any red meat, I include plenty of fresh vegetables in my daily diet now, and I drink plenty of distilled water.

I have a really interesting story to tell you about water. I work in construction and one of my jobs was at the Columbus Waste Water Treatment Plant. I noticed that many of the employees there bring bottled water to work. I thought, " these workers know something about the quality of our public drinking water?"

Needless to say this experience, together with your advice about drinking distilled water, turned me around in no time at all. I don't touch tap water any more and I drink plenty of distilled water every day. And, I expect to continue to feel good about myself.

My appearance, my health, my energy, everything!

Thank you so much for making your Cleansing Program available to me and God bless you in your work.


Michelle Callender

Columbus, Ohio









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