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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu,

When I first leaned about ginseng about a year ago, I wanted to try some because I have been in poor health for some time. I went to a neighborhood drug store and bought some tablets which I used faithfully for 4 weeks. I did not see much difference so I discontinued them.

Then I heard that Il Hwa ginseng tea is strong than the tablets so I started using one cup of Il Hwa ginseng tea a day. I've had diabetes for 3 years which keeps me very tired and I was happy with the strength the tea gave me.

After my first jar of tea, I bought some more now and then but never continued regularly. Then I started using the ginseng tea and my sugar level began to improve. After one month I financially couldn't continue with it, so during the month of Maya my sugar level went up to where it was before taking the tea. Then in June I started with the tea again on a continuous basis. Where I used to take 48 units of insulin daily, now I am down to only 14 units and my test are returning negative.

I used to wake up with a headache every morning and I would sit up for as long as an hour before I could gather up the energy to do anything. During the day I would use 12 or more Excedrin to try to get some relief. Now each morning I am refreshed and ready to go about my business without headaches to copy with. I've also notice my vision is clearing up a lot and my eyes feel less tired and strained.

I've returned to my trucking work now and I feel that soon I will not have any diabetes problem to worry about. I'm glad I finally stayed with it long enough to give it a chance to work. I'm grateful you renewed my interest in trying ginseng again.

Please accept my sincere thanks.

Buford Thomas,

Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I really believe ginseng is good for the body. No matter what you health problem is, it can really help.

I've been using three to four cups of ginseng tea daily since January of this year. For the previous six years I was taking two to three blood pressure pills a day, but now I take only one pill a day. The doctor's medicine helped to keep down the pressure, but I think the improvement came about because of the ginseng. I am hoping soon I will be able to get off the pills completely.

In 1976 I began taking insulin once a day. Now I am normal in my sugar and my doctor stopped treating me for diabetes totally.

I've worked all my life until about two years ago when my high blood pressure and diabetes made me feel so bad that I quit my job. I was miserable to have to stay at home and do nothing, but the doctor said I couldn't safely continue working.

Within three months since I started taking ginseng I called my old job back and was happy to be able to go to work again. At first my arthritis kicked back again because I was not using those muscles and joints for two years and I guess I overdid it. Then I had to change back to a lighter job. Now I am working back on construction work building bridges and I love the work.

If you drink ginseng regularly you'll feel good. I know that for sure now, and after six months of use I'd recommend anyone to try it to see for themselves how beneficial it is. Your company's concern over my well-being in the past several months has been most appreciated. Thank you for your work in Columbus introducing ginseng to us.


Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu.

I just have to tell you what has happened to me in the last few weeks. I have been your customer for quite some time now, but until recently I have not taken any of the items on your cleansing program. A few weeks ago, I remember the day well, February 22, after speaking with your helpful staff at the Morse Rd. store, I finally decided to start taking your IL HWA ginseng tea, your Super Enzymes, and your digestive cleanser DC-1. You see, for a number of years I have been struggling with various health problems, among them Arthritis, Angina and Diabetes. My blood sugar has been around 150-160 and I am taking tablets for that condition every day. I am checking my sugar level every day at home. Guess what I found the day after I started taking ginseng tea? My blood sugar was down to 97! During the last four weeks my sugar level has been between 86 and 113, which is, as far as I know, the level I should be at.

I can't wait to see my doctor to tell him about my improvement. Actually, I met my doctor's nurse and when she saw me she said: "What happened to you?" At a glance she could tell how I have been feeling since I started on your program, which in one word is-Terrific!

Of course I need to mention also that I've lost 10 lbs. the last month. I've always had such a desire to snack in between meals and, I guess like many others, I've been eating a lot of cookies and potato chips. Since I started food combining, eating fruit for breakfast and the right combinations for lunch and dinner, I no longer feel a craving for those snacks and I have more energy than in many years! I am 75 years young, going on 60.

Thank you so much for helping me to better health. I am living in a senior citizen home and I hope that you can make the time to come and speak to many of my friends here who need to hear what you have to offer. has blessed me and I hope He will continue to bless you in your work.


Lois Maida Sullivan

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I just had to write you a note to tell you how very happy I am that you introduced ginseng to me. Several years ago, I started feeling so badly I went to the Doctor. He found that I had diabetes so he prescribed pills which I took everyday. I kept losing weight and feeling so bad it seemed that each time I took the pills I felt worse.

After I started taking ginseng I feel wonderful, no tired feeling anymore and my diabetes only shows up just a little when I over eat, but not often.

I also had high blood pressure which is OK now.

I am not taking medicine now at all. I drink two cups of ginseng a day. Instead of coffee or other teas I sue ginseng, for I know it is helping me and giving me energy that I did not have before. I would recommend this tea to anyone.

Thank you again, Mrs. Hsu, and do keep up your good work here in Columbus.


Alexander Watson

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I recently finished taking chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. The doctors wanted me to continue another year but I said "no", I just couldn't physically take it. It had caused my pancreas to stop functioning resulting in a severe diabetes problem. I have had to take 2 needles of insulin a day now for the past year.

I have to watch my weight carefully not only because of the diabetes but also because I have a bad heart. So I can't eat too much but when I eat I have to eat at the right intervals or I could go into shock from the flood sugar imbalance.

I have been drinking ginseng twice a day since the 2nd of February. In just two weeks, my doctor reduced my insulin to one needle a day. He was surprised my sugar had gone down so rapidly and wants to check my blood again soon to see my progress. I really noticed I lost my appetite for sweets but if I missed using my tea at all, the crave came right back. I use a lot of fruits and vegetables now and that natural sugar is plenty to satisfy me.

The doctor gave me some pills for blood pressure but I haven't had to use them; my pressure stays at normal. This and any weight control or loss will help the strain off my heart.

I'll just keep on taking this tea. It has done me so much good. My husband watched how fast I recovered and is trying it now too for his ulcers. It's amazing how one thing can do so much for the health. To be relieved of a problem like diabetes is especially a wonderful and unexpected blessing. Thank you for introducing the tea to us.



Columbus, OH

Dear Mrs. Hsu:

On March 27, 2003, It attended one of your 1-day Retreats. I decided to go because of some serious health concerns with my digestive system, liver, and possible onset of diabetes, and I was not comfortable with the medical doctorsí evaluations, treatments and attitudes and leasures with my concerns.
Now I can honestly say that after attending the Retreat, it was one of the best investments I ever made. I learned from the retreat and time spent with you about your cleansing program and the proper way to combine foods; about how our organs and digestive systems work; how our cells are starve and stressed because they never receive the proper nutrients it needs and that by cleansing it allows the vitamins and minerals that we are made of to properly absorb into our cells and blood and that we need the added supplements/enzymes to help us digest and absorb our foods and how important ginseng tea is in helping to keep our
blood clean, clear and moving along; how it balances us, and most important is that when using the cleansing program you must follow the plan that Mrs. Hsu has instructed. Her recipe is scientific and it works. I am proof of it. I have been using Mrs. Hsuís products like DC-1, ginseng, but not following her recipe as prescribed, but since the retreat I have used the whole program and I will continue to because my body is still cleansing out old stored toxins. I actually see it coming out of my skin. So I know I need to keep cleansing for a while longer.
Not only that, but also when I went to the retreat I had great worry and concern about my health. As I mentioned, I had digestive problems, liver problems, and possibly diabetes. I also was losing weight fast for no known reason at that time. I had blood in my urine, back pain, and some circulation problems. I was sick! Before I left the retreat that day March 27, 2003, you had made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and after I left I felt better and I had much confidence and hope in what I learned from such a wonderful experience shared with you. And as you know, I began the proper program that day. I bought the things I needed
plus a juicer that I enjoy very much.
Today, July 8, 2003, the sugar that was in my blood is in check through your program and diet. Iíve never taken any other medication. In January 2003 my hemoglobin ACI was 8.4, in February it was 9.6. And the medical world says above 7 you are a diabetic. I attended the retreat in March. In May my hemoglobin was 6.8. My weight has stabilized, my back aches
gone, no blood in urine, my liver is OK, working fine, kidneys working fine, eyesight fine. No problems and I feel great! Iíve added to share with everyone my personal lab test results. I encourage everyone to begin this program and to be prepared to be sincere in following through with it because during cleansing your body is releasing poisons, waste and it must be removed according to Mrs. Hsuís plan. When I diverted from the plan I had problems, when I stay on the path, I donít.
Thanks Mrs. Hsu, you are God sent. I will always use, support and endorse your products all of the Hsu staff, especially Shinichi and Georgeta whom I know the most. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Cecil Ahad
Columbus, OH

I am 42 years old and have been diabetic for 18 years. About five or six years ago, I started having diabetic diarrhea, along with uncontrollable gas. Needles to say this caused me a lot of embarrassment.

My doctors tried to many different medications and nothing helped. They finally told me I would have to live with this.

I started drinking three ounces of liquid Aloe Vera a day and now the problem is gone. I cannot believe this has happened to me.



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