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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu,

Please accept this note of gratitude for introducing me to Il Hwa Ginseng Tea. Since my introduction I have faithfully consumed two cups of tea a day, and I have noticed some very positive results.

I used to wake up each morning and feel very tired. As a matter of fact it used to take me several hours to awake to the point where I could function properly at my work. Now each morning I awake feeling fully rested. I am not sleeping longer, but I am drinking the tea in the evening and before I go to bed.

Other good things are happening too;I have less desire to dirnk coffee each day at work (I used to consume five or more cups a day), I have had fewer headaches, and I seem to be better able to deal with tension which is normal to my work. I should also mention that my love life is improved and I am becoming more conscious of my body and more concerned with putting back in shape.

In all of this I am convinced that the Tea has been the turning point. I thank you for the work that you are doing and I hope that others will find One Harmony (Il Hwa) as I have.


Bob Pattison


























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The First month

as you feed on higher level foods. Feeding provides the peristalsis needed to move wastes. You are taught how to cleanse large intestine and combine foods properly. You do not starve. Instead of counting calories, you will eat until satisfied.

The Second month

Level 2:The Sponging
Add Liver Cleanser and DC-2 to sponge out sticky old fecal matter. The bad tissue is being replaced by new tissue.

The Third month (Maintenance)

Level 3:Regeneration
You are gaining strength, as compatible supplements, missing minerals and vitamins now enter your cells to rebuild your former tired body.

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