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Dear Mrs. Hsu:

Just want to thank you, and relate to other people with health problems my discovery. For many years, approximately forty years, I suffered with constipation, irregularity, bloating, flatus, mucous stools, bleeding and much colon discomfort. The one day polyps appeared in various areas of my colon; and a colectomy was done. Then diverticulitis came - very stressful. Ginseng, raw fruits, raw and steamed vegetables, Mr. Hsu's mini nutrition course, and food combining alleviated the above discomfort in less than one month. Distilled water I feel was helpful in my Ginseng and drinking.

My dark areas on my hands and body are fading, skin is less dry. I attribute this exciting improvement to dry brushing. Our body breathes through the skin and one third of our impurities are excreted through the skin. This cleans and stimulates lymphatic system.

Please everyone, get aboard a good diet - Ginseng, also Aloe Vera, Cod liver oil, acidophilus (friendly bacteria), flower pollen and bring energy and a feeling of well being to your life.


Mildred Glazer

Dear Mrs. Hsu.

Years ago I came to know about your Internal Cleansing Program. I am happy to say that since I starting taking your Digestive Cleanser (DC1) I have not had any problems with constipation.

My husband became very curious about your supplements and about 6 months ago he started himself. At that time he had problems with high blood pressure (160 over 105) and he was taking laxatives regularly. Now his blood pressure is down to 120 over 80 and he no longer needs to take any laxatives.

I want to tell you about an exciting event that made him very happy. He recently went to his doctor who did a thorough examination of his entire intestinal tract. All the doctor said that he was amazed how clean my husband's intestines were! In addition, he lost weight and he feels better and looks better than in years. Both of us can honestly say that we really like your Internal Cleansers and that we wouldn't want to be without them.

Thank you very much.

Arnold & Verdell Phillips

Dear Mrs.Hsu:

For the past five years I have suffered from bleeding constipation, irregularity, mucous stools and colon discomfort. I was also diagnosed with sludge in my gall bladder, Epstein-Barr virus, nervous stomach and hypoglycemia. I had eight different food allergies that upset my stomach. Needless to say, I was a physical wreck with little hope for the future.

But during these last 11 months of following your Internal Cleansing and Food combining program my health was improved greatly! It has been months since the last signs of Epstein-Barr virus. All of my colon discomfort - constipation, irregularity, bleeding and bloating - are gone! And my food allergies have been alleviated. The doctor retested my gall bladder and found the sludge gone. And as a wonderful added bonus I lost 82 pounds as I went from 205 pounds to 123 pounds in only 11 months. I also went from a person with no energy to one just abounding with energy.

For all of this, Mrs.Hsu, I owe you many thanks.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Deborah Hoy

Mr.James Quarles, age 71 Retired

Seeing is believing! Here's a man whose been through Mrs.Hsu's program a while back and will never forget it. His doctor told him he had a sugar problem. He knew he had a prostate problem. His bladder was often enlarged due to urine retention because of his inflamed prostate. He knew he was constipated and there was no doubt that his energy was on the wane.

"Today, I'm a believer that you are what you eat," he said, "and I'm still learning. I do not regret one penny of the cost of Mrs.Hsu's program. My prostate problem is past; my failing energy has returned and I'm no longer constipated - in fast I feel so good I'm contemplating a straight vegetarian diet."

Here's a man who not only looks 20 years younger but acts it every day.

"Several years ago, I felt myself slipping," he recalled. "I was constipated and when I had stools, the odor was embarrassingly bad that in self-defense, I had to turn on the bathroom fan."

"My strength has improved; I'm stronger than ever and for my age, I am in good condition. I just helped my granddaughter move last night," he related. You could see him moving big chairs and even bigger couches.

Mr.Quarles indicated something very important. He has a wife who also follows the laws of nature including fasting three days a week on distilled water every week!

The message one picks up from Mr. and Mrs.Quarles, is "continence." According to Ray Wolford, MD, "The only way to extend maximum human life span is by severe caloric under-nutrition Slowly induced restriction in young or middle-aged animals will rejuvenate the immune system and extend maximum life span. The same method will certainly work with humans. According to former surgeon general, Everet Koop, MD, overeating is killing more than a million American every year.

Remember the name James Quarles. If you're around, chances are NBC weatherman Williard Scott will be wishing both Mr. and Mrs. Quarles a happy 100 years! You can bet on it.

Dear Mrs.Hsu,

I came from France to New York five years ago. Because of my busy schedule, I became quickly a daily customer of the fast food restaurants and I observed, after a few years, signs of degeneration of my health; skin eruptions, eczema, stomach cramps, constipation, flatulence, lost of vitality, ect . . .

I could not receive any help from the doctors when I became sick a couple of times. However I kept going hoping for the best. I used my common sense to eat only the food I would consider the most appropriate for me.

But it was not enough. Three months ago, I found myself very dangerously constipated. It was a general break down. I was running fever most every day and I, of course, became very weak. I realized that it was a case of autoxification but I did not know what to do about it.

Finally, I decided to get a series of colonics and to change my diet. One month and two passed by but I would still run fever often and fell better only temporarily. It was a hopeless situation and I became completely drained out of energy.

Then I called you and you told me to start the Internal Cleansing Program right away and take IL Hwa Ginseng tea regularly. You gave me a certain diet and I followed also and in a matter of one month, I got a lot better. But since you invited me to stay with you in Columbus for 2 weeks, I came. I wanted to get my whole health and energy back.

I am infinitely grateful for that. I could see the incredible work this Temple of God which is my body. I did not know how wrongly I lived all those years, violating the basic physical laws of the human body.

I had to pay a high price for this bad caretaking but actually I can see so many people who are suffering terribly, literally killing themselves out of ignorance. If only they could hear the lectures that you are giving in your store to the people who walk in. It would save a lot of lives from misery. I have experienced myself how quickly the physical body can recover, regenerate itself and regain self-control when the simple laws of nutrition (food combining) and of good care (cleansing) are respected.

The Il Hwa products - Ginseng & Internal Cleansing Formulas - are a real gift from heaven. I saw from my own eyes people who had just a few months to live, people with tumor, cancer, ulcer, generalized eczema, fungus and so forth becoming health again. I can't believe how fast. I have heard numerous testimonies which blow my mind for they are incredible.

But I am a living testimony myself. In two weeks, I became a new person, full of life, of hope also for my future. Not only every problem solved itself naturally through your program but I feel like each cell of my body is breathing again, living. It is a beautiful feeling to be healthy.

I am now back in New York and I am helping people around me but I really hope that this knowledge of how to take care of ourselves can be spread throughout the world to end this useless martyrdom of all sicknesses.

May God bless you in your work.

Marie-Pierre Lucas


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Mrs. Hsu's program works?

It's successful nationwide because it's simple:

The First month

as you feed on higher level foods. Feeding provides the peristalsis needed to move wastes. You are taught how to cleanse large intestine and combine foods properly. You do not starve. Instead of counting calories, you will eat until satisfied.

The Second month

Level 2:The Sponging
Add Liver Cleanser and DC-2 to sponge out sticky old fecal matter. The bad tissue is being replaced by new tissue.

The Third month (Maintenance)

Level 3:Regeneration
You are gaining strength, as compatible supplements, missing minerals and vitamins now enter your cells to rebuild your former tired body.

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