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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu,

This letter is to thank you again for your continued support and help in the nutritional needs for myself and my family. We have been friends now for over 10 years, I say friends because you have always been so friendly and interested in my life.

At about two weeks old, Brian ,my grandson, had a very, very long week of constant crying (Screaming). I called the pediatrician and took him in first thing Monday morning. They said it was probably colic and gave me some medicine to try. Prior to this he cried a lot but now nothing soothed him; holding, walking, rocking, nothing worked. I tried the medicine and it did nothing to help. I took him in again (three weeks) and they said it was definitely colic, gave me another medication and said that I could expect this to last three months. I was really scared. This child was very uncomfortable and he let everyone know it. With two other children at home, I did not know how I was going to cope, not to mention go back to work! I could not leave this baby with anyone. If I could not cope with the crying, how could I expect someone else to? Well, after that doctor's appointment I decided I'd better stock up on ginseng. This was going to be a long three months! You were in the store that day and we started talking. I didn't really expect to find anything that would help Brian because everyone I had talked to said there was no cure for colic. You recommended acidophilus and bifidus for him. For the first two days I tried the doctors medicine (sorry Mrs.Hsu for doubting you) but that did not work. Then I started with the acidophilus and bifidus. After two weeks I noticed less crying. By three weeks he was only fussing in the evenings and by ten weeks he was a different baby. He is smiling and everything. Only mothers that have experienced colicky babies can understand this. At three weeks old I had never even seen my baby's eyes open. He was either sleeping or crying. Now Brian is just fine. You would never know he was ever unhappy or colicky.

Thanks again Mrs. Hsu for your help. I look forward to many happy years to come with my three boys and your nutritional advice and wisdom to help me through!

Your friend,

Lynn Flanagan

P. S. I also bought a product at your store called Colic Tablets. These were a combination of herbs that did help to quiet Brian during a screaming fit, but I didn't have to use many of them before the acidophilus and bifidus straightened him out.



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