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Dear Hsu & Co.

Your Internal Cleansing Program has made a such a difference in my life. Since the age of 10, I have been suffering from cold sores in my mouth. I have been to so many dentists and physicians asking for relief but all that ever happened was that I was given antibiotics. Whenever I took them, the sores would go away for a while and then come back, even more so than before. Some doctors told me "I have them too" or "My daughter has them. There is nothing you can do." In addition, I developed some bad problems with constipation and digestive pains.

Now I know that antibiotics kill not only bad bacteria but the good ones needed for digestion as well. I don't understand why I was never told about this before. Growing up in Europe I was a heavy milk drinker because that's what everyone's doing. I now understand how much dairy products can contribute to digestive and eliminative problems. The pain and discomfort got so bad that I had trouble sleeping and I was put on antidepressants. They hardly helped and made me really drowsy during the day. I even went on the internet looking for advise but all I could find were ads for local anesthetics to numb the pain.

Last year I told my new dentist about my situation, asking him for advise. His assistant overheard my question and told me that I should visit Hsu & Co. I met Georgeta at your Morse rd. store and she was so friendly in explaining how others were helped by your cleansing program. For several months now I have been following your program. The change in my life is just wonderful. I have no problems with canker sores, no problem with constipation, no more pain in my digestive tract. In addition, some other problem went completely away. I have been having pain in my shoulder radiating down my arm. It really limited my ability to use my arm. The pain is gone completely and I am even working out with weights now.

I am so grateful that I could hear about your company and your program. Thank you again.

Maria B.

Columbus Ohio.





















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The First month

as you feed on higher level foods. Feeding provides the peristalsis needed to move wastes. You are taught how to cleanse large intestine and combine foods properly. You do not starve. Instead of counting calories, you will eat until satisfied.

The Second month

Level 2:The Sponging
Add Liver Cleanser and DC-2 to sponge out sticky old fecal matter. The bad tissue is being replaced by new tissue.

The Third month (Maintenance)

Level 3:Regeneration
You are gaining strength, as compatible supplements, missing minerals and vitamins now enter your cells to rebuild your former tired body.

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