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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu

About a year ago I walked into your store in Columbus. I wanted to speak with someone about Ginseng tea. My wife and I had heard about it often because it is supposed to help people. You see, at that time my health was not very good. My cholesterol was high, my sugar was high and my blood pressure was up as well.

After talking with one of your counselors, I decided to start drinking your IL HWA Korean Ginseng tea and I have done so faithfully for the last nine months. I also changed my eating habits. Now, my daily diet is more in line with what you have been saying. I am excited to tell you what has happened to me during those mine months:

After three months, my cholesterol was down from over 200 to 180, then to 169 and the last time my doctor checked, it was 161. Not only did the "bad" cholesterol count go down but the "good" cholesterol went up.

My sugar level was between 140 and 150. Now it is fluctuating between 65 and 105.

My blood pressure used to be 155 - 160. Now it is 130 to 135.

In addition, I also lose about twenty pounds and come in at a very trim 167 pounds.

Needless to say, my doctor is pleased, my wife is relieved and I am happy about this rather rapid turnaround in my health condition.

I know that eating a better diet in itself is so important for one's health, but in my heart I really believe that your Ginseng tea is greatly responsible for these wonderful changes in my health. I want to thank you for what you are doing and I hope that others will at least give Ginseng tea a try so they can find out for themselves what it can do.


Gerald Woods

Dear Mrs. Hsu

I wanted to take this opportunities to thank you for all your valuable information. After going on the "Mind Body Retreat", I felt really good. My goal was to lose weight & get healthy. You helped me to reach both goals. Since the retreat on May 15, I have lost 17 pounds without cutting back on anything including FAT! I really started out thinking "This can not work." But it did and it is! Last week I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was down along with my weight & cholesterol. My doctor wanted to know what I had been doing. I told her to come to your lectures on Friday night at 6:30. She said she was very interested & that if I could maintain his level of health, I would probably never need medication. Well, what can I say except thank you for being a wealth of good healthy information! I will let you know my progress as I approach my goal!

Thanking you again & again!

Gisele James

Dear Mrs. Hsu

I've had such remarkable results in such a short period of time since starting your blood purification plan that its difficult to contain my enthusiasm. I hope you'll share my experiences with others.

The "good life" seemed to have caught up with me over the past few years. I settled into poor habits of eating "rich" foods, fats and a relatively sedentary lifestyle. I thought I was doing well by using low fat dairy products, limiting my red meat intake and ignoring the "spare tire" developing around my waist.

Though I had no outward signs or symptoms of illness, a routine examination revealed borderline high blood pressure, elevated blood sugars, dangerously high cholesterol and triglycerides and a fast "resting" heartbeat but slow "aerobic" heartbeat - all early warning signs of heart disease and related illness.

I started your program on August 26 and, one one short month, your program has changed my whole body metabolism. In less than 30 days, my body changed dramatically as this comparison shows:

-23 Pounds
Blood Pressure
Resting Heart Beat
95 bpm
68 bpm
-27 bpm
Aerobic Heart Beat
115 bpm
136 bpm
+21 bpm
-111 points
Blood Sugar

In addition to the physical changes, Mrs. Hsu, the blood purification program has had profound emotional and psychological effects on me. I am less irritable, less "stressed-out," and have found a tranquility previously unknown to me. I also noticed a change in my natural breathing pattern - short, shallow, rapid breaths have been effortlessly replaced by long, slow, deep abdominal breaths. I have tremendous energy, without the sugar crashes and walk around with a GREAT BIG SMILE!

I never thought I would kick my sugar and fats habit but now find I prefer carrot juice, sun chlorella and bee pollen when I want a treat.

I could continue on about the magnitude of changes brought on my your program. My medical doctor, upon first sight of me after being on your program, was convinced I had changed my metabolism just from the way I looked - and the blood tests proved her right!

I look great, I feel great and I enjoy each day - and I sincerely thank you for introducing me your program.


John E. Matura

Dear Mrs. Hsu

I have been on the program for about thirty-five days and am so pleased to learn my cholesterol went from 297 to 205, and my triglycerides from 256 to 207. Also I was pleased to lose seven pounds. Thank you Mrs. Hsu and also Mrs. Schroeder!

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Mrs. Hsu's program works?

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The First month

as you feed on higher level foods. Feeding provides the peristalsis needed to move wastes. You are taught how to cleanse large intestine and combine foods properly. You do not starve. Instead of counting calories, you will eat until satisfied.

The Second month

Level 2:The Sponging
Add Liver Cleanser and DC-2 to sponge out sticky old fecal matter. The bad tissue is being replaced by new tissue.

The Third month (Maintenance)

Level 3:Regeneration
You are gaining strength, as compatible supplements, missing minerals and vitamins now enter your cells to rebuild your former tired body.

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