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Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I recently finished taking chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. The doctors wanted me to continue another year but I said "no", I just couldn't physically take it. It had caused my pancreas to stop functioning resulting in a severe diabetes problem. I have had to take 2 needles of insulin a day now for the past year.

I have to watch my weight carefully not only because of the diabetes but also because I have a bad heart. So I can't eat too much but when I eat I have to eat at the right intervals or I could go into shock from the flood sugar imbalance.

I have been drinking ginseng twice a day since the 2nd of February. In just two weeks, my doctor reduced my insulin to one needle a day. He was surprised my sugar had gone down so rapidly and wants to check my blood again soon to see my progress. I really noticed I lost my appetite for sweets but if I missed using my tea at all, the crave came right back. I use a lot of fruits and vegetables now and that natural sugar is plenty to satisfy me.

The doctor gave me some pills for blood pressure but I haven't had to use them; my pressure stays at normal. This and any weight control or loss will help the strain off my heart.

I'll just keep on taking this tea. It has done me so much good. My husband watched how fast I recovered and is trying it now too for his ulcers. It's amazing how one thing can do so much for the health. To be relieved of a problem like diabetes is especially a wonderful and unexpected blessing. Thank you for introducing the tea to us.


P.R Columbus, OH

Dear Mrs. Hsu

I had colon cancer just a year ago...put on chemotherapy. Approximately 4 weeks ago I decided to have a mammogram done as I had not had one for a year and a half. The result showed abnormal problems and scared me. I was scheduled for more exams and more test. In the meantime I had been following the Hsu Program. Finally the doctor said I had no cancer! Thanks to Mrs. Hsu!

Selma Francis, Illinois

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I know I am more physically sound than I have been in years because of your teaching and coaching. I still deal with the symptoms of "Chronic Fatigue" but always bounce back quickly. I also am a 5 year cancer survivor and I especially owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Hsu for helping me through that devastating experience. I believe that if she and her program had come into my life earlier, the dreaded cancer issue might never had come into my life.

Although I have thanked you personally, I have been lax in writing and expressing it openly. Thank you Mrs. Hsu and God bless you as you move forward to help and influence other's lives in such a positive way.

Sincere gratitude,

Wanda J. Sisson, Marysville, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

We thank God everyday for bringing you into our lives. You are such a special lady. Thanks to you our bodies are a lot cleaner.

The pre-cancerous cells on my tongue are almost completely healed and Jere had lost 17 pounds and I have lost 10 pounds. We feel much better. I am not constantly carrying a tissue with me to wipe my nose. My fingernails are no longer splitting and for the first time, the iron count in my blood is higher, making it easier for me to donate blood to the Red Cross.

I had a checkup with the doctor and he has confirmed it is definitely better and almost completely gone. He has dismissed me. He wanted to know about the special diet I was on. I was eager to share.

Thanks again for sharing some of your knowledge on nutrition with us. We will always be grateful. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with you.


Jere & Carolyn Tenkhoff

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I want to thank you for saving my life and giving me hope that once again I can return to good health. Your cleansing program is not only doing wonders for me, but also for my whole family. Your beautiful heart of concern for my health, your support and guidance, and the wonderful staff at HSU & CO. have been so hopeful every step of the way. I have enclosed a brief testimony in the hope that it may encourage others that they can also regain the precious gift of life and good health.

Less than two years ago I was diagnosed with a stage four throat cancer. This type of cancer has always been associated with smoking, yet I had never smoked before. However, I was terrible eater. I was always on the go and fast food was my life. Since stage four is the worst stage, I was encouraged by my doctors to act quickly. I underwent six and a half weeks of radiation twice a day. After that I had surgery to remove the lymph nodes in my throat area. The treatment supposedly "got rid" of the cancer but it nearly killed me. I lost 50 pounds and was so week. The saliva glands in my neck were completely burned by the radiation so that to this day I must constantly have a bottle of water with me to drink every few minutes.

It was by far the most terrible experience I had endured in my 42 years of life. Yet, I was happy because I was alive and I didn't want to cause any more suffering to my wife and son by dying. When you are seriously sick, those that love you suffer just as much as the person who is sick and I didn't want anymore suffering for my family.

For over a year I was out of work because I was too weak. I had quit eating at fast food restaurant, however, I didn't know anything about food combining which is a big part of Mrs. Hsu's program. Then in August of 1998, I got sick again with an unknown virus. I was tired all the time, so I went to the doctor and had some blood tests done. One test led to another and I was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage three.

I couldn't believe it, my worse nightmare became reality. I elected to have surgery and a three inch tumor was removed from my colon along with 25 lymph nods, 5 that contained cancer. My surgeon recommended chemotherapy, yet when the oncologist came to visit me in the hospital his outlook was very bleak. He said I was too weak to withstand the chemo and that this being my second cancer in less than two years, he was not very hopeful.

In nice words he basically said that there was no hope, you're gonna die. It was then we started looking for an alternative way to fight cancer and a good friend that lives in Columbus told us about Mrs. Hsu. My wife and I decided to make the trip to Columbus and meet Mrs.Hsu and start her cleansing program. It has been a month and a half since we began and we are now into the second stage of the program.

Before I started, I could barely walk through the airport on my way to Ohio. Today, I'm riding seven miles a day on a bike, swimming and most importantly, playing baseball with my son. I can hardly wait to get to stage three of the program. My wife who suffered with chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia for six years has experienced greatly improved energy and steady weight loss. Her arthritis has also improved. I also have my brother and his wife doing the program with us. Both can't believe the increase in energy and my brother has lost 20 pounds in one month.

I closing, I want to say that Mrs. Hsu's Cleansing Program is very simple and very scientific. Anyone can do it. If a former junk food addict like me can do it so can you. Our meals are great tasting and you can eat as much as you like while achieving your ideal weight. If you are sick and suffering, whether it is a weight problem or even something as terrible as cancer, I recommended a talk with Mrs.Hsu or one of her counselors. For those who may have good health, I also recommend this program to maintain it. Don't be foolish like me and wait for some life-threatening problem to arise. Cleanse your internal system now and you can maintain your good health for years to come.

Enjoy the great blessing of life and good health!

with deepest gratitude and warmest regards,

Tom Iversen & Family, Palm Coast, Florida


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Dear Mrs. Hsu,

As you are aware, I was released from the hospital with the diagnosis of pancreatitis/pseudocyst. The pseudocyst was five centimeters at the time I was discharged. The doctors gave me pain medication and enzymes to help digest the food I ate.

I wanted to learn more about pancreatitis. I went to HSU & CO. to see what I could do to help myself. After I explained my illness, you then told me what I needed to do. I started on ginseng tea, aloe vera, DC-1, and the Internal Cleansing Program's diet for the first week as you indicated.

Within a couple of days the pain started lessening. After the first week I began the whole Internal Cleansing Program. I also incorporated some of my own herbal products.

When I was in my fifth week of cleansing, I had another cat scan done. The result were negative! The five centimeter psudocyst was entirely gone! I am now in the sixth week of the cleanse and feel that I am still making progress.

Thanks to you Mrs. Hsu and your staff, I am well on the road to recovery.

Yours truly,

Mark E. Huges

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

You may not remember me, but I am writing to you because I have really good news to share.

In May I had surgery to repair a bile duct obstruction. It was during that surgery that a cancerous growth was discovered on my pancreas. Pancreatic cancer is one of the worst kinds of cancer. The oncologist told me that I have 3 months to live without chemo and 9 months if I have chemo. Needless to say, for me and my wife was terrible news.

The day after I was released from the hospital I walked into your store. You happened to be at the store and you explained to me your internal cleansing program. I began Level 1 immediately. I also began chemo therapy two weeks later. Here's what happened. Last Month the oncologist told me that my blood work looked so good that he felt that chemo could be stopped. I just got this month's blood work result. Here's what the doctor said: "As good as last month was, this month looks even better!" He added, saying "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it."

In more than one way, Mrs. Hsu, I can say that I am feeling just great!

Thank you very much for all your guidance.


Phillip Langbrake

Columbus, OH

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Add Liver Cleanser and DC-2 to sponge out sticky old fecal matter. The bad tissue is being replaced by new tissue.

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