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Counseling with Mrs. Hsu



Dear Mrs. Hsu.

In October of 1985 we first met and at that time I was at the limits of life. My weight was at a maximum of 185 lbs; but worse was the daily battle of groping for oxygen. As a chronic asthmatic I was using heavy drugs regularly to keep breathing (as a side effect my heart would palpitate rapidly and hands tremble).

Your timely advice and consultation was the starting point of a truly new life. The insights shared and your recommended diet and cleansing plan inspired me to adopt a serious change in diet and thinking that has brought a ray of hope, I believe, for this sufferer of asthma.

Anyone with asthma knows well the pain created by having one's air supply cut short when triggered by an asthmatic attack. One can only rely on a chemical drug or spray of an inhalator for temporary relief. A gasping asthmatic is thinking always where to get more oxygen. Simply, asthmatics have a problem getting air.

With your advice, explanation and recommendation, I could discover which foods have a high content in germanium (which carries oxygen through the blood). The daily use of Korean Ginseng and garlic, both high in germanium is an essential aspect of the new diet.

As you explained, what was needed was a complete change in eating habits and how we have to treat our digestive system. As you also explained, our digestive system is like a sewer, always being dumped into. Therefore, our systems are always working with never a chance to rest. And, like sewers, our digestive system is short on air (what is produced in sewers is methane gas which takes oxygen out of the air). Oxygen is essential to breathing and that oxygen is carried through the digestive system, then through the blood and into the lungs. (I understand that cancer cells grow best in an environment with least amount of oxygen).

Your suggested diet and cleansing plan provided the proper rest my digestive system needed. In the process I lost 48 lbs., but found myself eating more than ever before, but of the foods that were substantial for good health. The loss of weight was not my primary goal, breathing normally was.

Recently a business associate died of a heart attack. The cause was from an acute asthma attack, just too much strain on the heart. He was 37 years old. At 44 years of age, my sister has just become an asthmatic for the first time.

For anyone who is an asthmatic the secret for unlocking that situation and getting on with life, would be inspired by adopting this diet-cleansing plan.

My heartfelt appreciation to you, Mrs.Hsu, for your advice and recommendations. And, also, my thanks to your staff who helped guide me through the fine tuning of the diet and cleansing plan.

May God's blessing shine upon you and your family.


Melvin Haft

Dear Mrs.Hsu

About two years ago, my son (then nine years old), was having a very difficult time with asthma. He was taking three different medications - nasal spray, an oral inhaler (these were taken everyday), and another inhaler for emergencies. Still, his condition was bad and getting worse. He was having attacks about once a week or so, usually at night. Also, when he was out playing, he had to sit down and catch his breath about every fifteen minutes. And even when he was "all right", his breathing was very raspy sounding.

One day, after an attack the previous night, I asked Mrs.Hsu if she knew of anything that would help someone with asthma. She told me three things:

  1. Stop all dairy products,
  2. Drink ginseng Tea and
  3. Take DC-1.

She explained briefly about dairy products being mucus forming, ginseng for oxygenating the blood and DC-1 to clean out the bowels. I decided to give it a try.

I already had ginseng and DC-1, which I was taking myself. So I bought some vanilla flavored rice milk, which I had tried and found quite good tasting and went home. When I got home, I threw out all the dairy products - milk, cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, etc. I figured it would be easier if that stuff just wasn't around. We used the Rice milk for cereal and sometimes in oatmeal. I gave my son a cup of two of ginseng tea every day and one DC-1 capsule (which I had to break open and mix with apple juice) every day. We also began reading labels very carefully, making sure that we bought things without dairy.

Results came slowly but surely. Over a period of about two months, the asthma attacks stopped and the breathing cleared up. After about two and a half months I stopped all medications. Now, two years later, there is virtually no trace of asthma.

One more thing I should mention. My youngest son, now six years old, used to get ear infections, tonsillitis and sinus infections all winter long. We had him on antibiotics from about November to May. Since we stopped dairy products, he hasn't been sick once.

Thank you Mrs.Hsu

Joel Kaplan,

Columbus, Ohio

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