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What is gout?
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What is gout?



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Dear Mrs. Hsu

In 1969, a the age of 59, I developed arthritis throughout my entire body. I physically deteriorated so quickly that I had to retire in 1970. Doctors diagnosed my condition as the Rheumatoid type, for which there is no cure, only treatment to ease the pain. I was buying anything and everything that was advertised for arthritis or that I heard about from friends and acquaintances.

About a year ago an infection developed my shoulder and I was treated at the University Hospital. Then I went to the VA Hospital in Dayton, where the doctors kept me for two weeks. The infection was cleared up, but soon an unbearably painful arthritis developed in my right shoulder. Even though the doctors gave me heavy medication to ease the pain, it was so severe at times it brought tears to my eyes.

I was in this condition until I met Mrs. Hsu through a friend who also has a severe case of arthritis. I immediately started taking ginseng tea two and three times a day. From the first day I noticed a lessening of the pain; within a week I thanked Mrs. Hsu for selling me the tea. The pain left me as if in a dream, but the stiffness remained. However, after taking the tea for over two and a half months even the stiffness is lessening.

Before I started drinking ginseng tea I could not even button my shirts. Not only am I able to do this, but I can also do other things that were previously impossible. I feel great and have much more energy.

I have faith that someday soon I will be completely free of symptoms of arthritis.

I wish I could tell all the people who are suffering from arthritis to try ginseng tea and experience the results for themselves. Friends I have told about it are getting very good results and are glad that I recommended it to them.


S. C

Columbus, Ohio

When Mrs. S.C called to thank me for ginseng, I was very moved. He had been in so much pain due to his arthritis that his wife would hear him cry out in his sleep. After using ginseng only five days he was so relieved that he wanted to thank me personally.

His call meant a great deal to me. I was the first such call I received. I was not only happy for him, but happy to learn of the value of ginseng in aiding nature's healing process. I was very encouraged in carrying on my business as a good all-around endeavor for my customers and for me. - Mrs. Hsu

Dear Mrs. Hsu

In the past four or five years, I have suffered a lot from arthritis in my arm and should. . Getting up in the morning, I would be still and tired. Besides this trouble with arthritis, I also had blood pressure problems and persistent sinus headaches.

When I began to drink ginseng tea in February this year, I was really amazed how the pain in my joints were relieved almost immediately. My sinus headaches and sneezing stopped. My blood pressure began to stabilize. I stopped taking the three blood pressure pills each day like I had been doing before; now I take one every other day. I have hypertensive type of blood pressure and because ginseng has calmed me and helped me rest, it is arresting the problem quickly.

I definitely have a lot more energy than I had before and that's a real asset for a mother of 8 children. Instead of coming home from work and collapsing I have spare energy to do some of the things I used to never get around to because I was too tired.

I have really noticed how the tea helps change my taste for food, I don't eat sweets anymore and concentrate o fruits and vegetables. I feel satisfied and healthier. I have lost 10 lb. since I started to use ginseng tea. A lot of that was swelling from fluids too, because my shoe size has changed from a 10B to 10A.

I really am glad I tried ginseng. The stamina I feel is like being 20 years old again. If continuing to take it means better health it is a blessing worth trying. I have people at work comment on how energetic I am and I am telling them about ginseng whenever I get a chance.


Jessie Wilks

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I have had arthritis ever since the 1930's and 40's when I worked on the railroad. It is very stiff my shoulders and in the legs from the knees down. My right knee would often give out. I have had to walk on crutches for about 5 years. I was taking medicine for my arthritis and blood pressure but it just didn't work for me.

I have used 8 bottles of ginseng. I noticed the pain in my shoulders eased after the first day and as I continued to drink the ginseng, I noticed relief throughout my entire body. You can tell where it's clearing up as you drink it, washing out the cold that is stored up over the years. Some days there was no change but then after a few more days, there would be more relief.

I now have no pain at all when I walk and I don't need to use my cane or crutches in the house. My high blood pressure isn't bothering me anymore either; the tea has made a tremendous difference.

I am going to keep taking ginseng like I have been, regularly everyday, because I believe it can completely clear up the arthritis with a little more time. I am very pleased with how it has helped what I thought I would just have to live with for the rest of my life.

Thank you for bringing the ginseng to me.


Mack Roger

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I wanted to write about the health improvement that I have experienced since I began to drink ginseng tea.

I have been having health problems ever since 1951 and have been going to doctors for years. I was without my energy, had high blood pressure and arthritis that bothered me to the point that I just didn't do anything. I didn't go out of the house, I didn't work in my workroom for maybe a full year. I'd go to sleep in the afternoon, and couldn't walk across the room without nearly collapsing.

I started using ginseng tea in April this year and the difference in my energy now is amazing. I wake up with too much energy to lay around like I used to. I sleep better, my mind feels sharper and I've been working on my electronics now every day. I noticed a rash on my leg that was a real problem for me disappear just within the first month of using ginseng tea. It's real good, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better and find relief from health problems like I had. As I continue to take it, I notice a lot of fluids being thrown out too, and that's a very good thing for many people with fluid problems. I know it takes time to do all these things, but I sure feel better.


Richard Rideout

Columbus, OH

Dear Mrs. Hsu

I want to tell you how I appreciate ginseng tea as I always tell you whenever I get more tea.

About 6 years ago, I heard about ginseng from my brother in Warren, Ohio. I wanted to use it, but never had an opportunity until I started to buy from you. My blood pressure was 240 before using the tea. I used to have headaches 7 days a week. They were so severe I couldn't even write a letter. I also jerked from nervous tension in my arm. My doctor said high blood pressure affected my eyes and I had a hard time reading without glasses on. My feet used to swell and I had to sit with them up. My shoulder and right arm was very painful and very weak from arthritis I couldn't lift things too well.

Since starting to take ginseng, my nerves are calm, I sleep better and now I read without glasses. Within 2 weeks my blood pressure went down to almost normal. My doctor was surprised because none of his patients of my age (63) had pressure go down so fast.

I have no problem with my arthritis either or with headaches. My husband had a stroke last year and when he came back from the hospital he was weak, had stomach problems, constipation and nervousness and many other problems. He took 2 bottles of ginseng tea and went back to work. I am telling everybody about it. All the people I know who stayed with it have had good results and are happy with it.

I just wanted to tell you in writing how ginseng helped me and my husband.


Mrs. Judell Beaner

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I really believe ginseng is good for the body. No matter what you health problem is, it can really help.

I've been using three to four cups of ginseng tea daily since January of this year. For the previous six years I was taking two to three blood pressure pills a day, but now I take only one pill a day. The doctor's medicine helped to keep down the pressure, but I think the improvement came about because of the ginseng. I am hoping soon I will be able to get off the pills completely.

In 1976 I began taking insulin once a day. Now I am normal in my sugar and my doctor stopped treating me for diabetes totally.

I've worked all my life until about two years ago when my high blood pressure and diabetes made me feel so bad that I quit my job. I was miserable to have to stay at home and do nothing, but the doctor said I couldn't safely continue working.

Within three months since I started taking ginseng I called my old job back and was happy to be able to go to work again. At first my arthritis kicked back again because I was not using those muscles and joints for two years and I guess I overdid it. Then I had to change back to a lighter job. Now I am working back on construction work building bridges and I love the work.

If you drink ginseng regularly you'll feel good. I know that for sure now, and after six months of use I'd recommend anyone to try it to see for themselves how beneficial it is. Your company's concern over my well-being in the past several months has been most appreciated. Thank you for your work in Columbus introducing ginseng to us.


Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

About five or six years ago I had surgery on a deteriorating knee that I injured in a fall. I used to sleep with pillows under my legs because of the swelling and pain. Lumbago in my back was very bad and I used to take shots for the pain. Because I have a delicate stomach, I took a lot of soothing medication for it and had trouble with irregularity and sleeplessness.

One day three years ago, you happened by and I started to taking ginseng. You must have been God-sent because since I started ginseng I no longer go to the doctor for arthritis and the lower part of my back. My knee cap has healed with no swelling or stiffness. I like to use ginseng in warm Tang and Honey, and it has helped my digestion. I have no gas or indigestion now. My blood pressure is excellent, my weight stays regulated, and I have a good appetite for the right foods. I no longer suffer from irregularity or take sedatives at night. My medical bills have really gone down.

My husband uses ginseng too, and he no longer has any pain in his back or cramps in his legs like before. We never found out the cause of those pains, but whatever it was, ginseng relieved it and gave him new energy. Before he used ginseng, he had high blood pressure, but now it was gone down.

Our daughter has had eczema since junior high school. She had it on her scalp and all over her body. She had been using medication for it, but as soon as the medication was gone, and eczema would come back. When my husband and I started taking ginseng, she decided to try it too. After two or three weeks, her scalp and body started clearing up. She is now nineteen and in college, and he eczema is totally gone.

All of us have noticed that colds and flue are not major problems anymore because we have the strength we need to recover quickly.

I want to wish you a long and prosperous life. Keep bringing ginseng to Columbus to give new life to many others.

Clara Crews, Columbus, Ohio

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Arthritis Trigger foods:
stay away from
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  • Coffee
  • Orange
  • Soda
  • Milk & Cheese
  • Red Meats
  • Nightshade foods

Add body alkalizing foods and practice
Food Combining

I started taking glucosamine and the pain in my knee disappeared within two months. One year later the same orthopedic surgeon asked me who had operated on my knee. When I told him about the glucosamine, he took some X rays and asked me not to publicize my experience, as it could put him out of business - only this time he wasn't joking. I was amazed that I, an economist, was teaching an orthopedic surgeon about glucosamine.

Paul Zane Pilzer
The Wellness Revolution