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Sun Chlorella
90 Tablets
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A U.S. Surgeon General says "Your choice of diet can influence your long term health prospects more than any other action you might take." Now that we are reducing or eliminating our intake of animal protein and fats, many medical authorities agree that vegetables - in particular green vegetables - are more important than ever.

Millions of people all over the world are choosing Sun Chlorella as a supplement to their diets. It helps their bodies absorb and utilize the nutrients from the food they eat and the vitamins they take. Maybe this is why people who take Sun Chlorella keep telling us that they are looking and feeling younger every day.

This concentrated "superfood", packed with sun-drenched nutrients is the ideal, nutritonally balanced whole food.

Its nutrients have the delicate balance that nature intended because its never been altered by human intervention.

Chlorella has only 12 calories per 3 gram serving, and those 12 calories are power-packed with vital nutrients. Chlorella contains a healthy amount of beta-carotene and is over 60% vegetable protein.

Chlorella is the highest known source of chlorophyll and is loaded with nucleic acids (RNA & DNA).

Dr. Bernard Jensen says, "I am impressed that Sun Chlorella has developed a process for breaking down the cell wall and increasing the digestibility to over %80 more than any other chlorella on the market."

This incredible edible algae is still in a pure and natural state, ready and waiting for you to experience what true health is all about.

Isn't it time you test the "Power Plant" that is fueling millions of people who are feeling healthier and younger than ever before?















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