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Dear Mrs. Hsu: I have cancer and when I read the Dispatch article on your retreats I have really encouraged to come and stay with you, but then I got so many doubts. How could you possibly have something that medical science doesn't know about or have to offer to patients like myself?

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Dear Mrs. Hsu,

Just jotting down some memories of my week at the HSU Retreat in Ohio. An incredible experience!

- Learning the importance of good nutrition..
- Hands on experience (meeting warm and fun-loving people) ...
- But even more, the love and spirituality which encircled us, during our days...

Footnotes: During the last few years, I've had the opportunity of attending two glamorous health spas... "The Greenhouse", in Arlington, Texas and "The Golden-Door" in Escondido, California.

At these places, the women were pampered and cared for in magnificent surroundings with a staff of 30 people ... for 20 guests!

In retrospect...all of this was such am empty experience, compared to my week during the days spent at the HSU Retreat! Here, I learned so much... "growing day by day" in God's love and caring...mind, body and spirituality.

It was one of the most exciting and wonderful experiences of my life, and I would do it again! I learned more in the kitchen in one week than in my whole life.

Mrs. Hsu is sooo profound!

Fran Nickels, New Jersey

Dear Mrs. Hsu,

I'm sending you this card because this is what you gave me, the knowledge that everything is is possible. Because of the retreat and especially our talks together I know that I can heal myself and I've begun to do it.

Physically with your program, spiritually with the help of Josef's teaching and most of all mentally, because I believe in myself again!

Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom. I don't think I could ever express how wonderful I think you are and how much I respect you. Please know that I believe that during our life, in times of need, a guardian angel is provided to show the way. I believe that you were my guardian angel during that week.

Since I arrived home I've dropped another 14 lbs, that makes my total so far 26 lbs. I've been walking every morning with my mom, and the best news of all - I'm sleeping very well.

Much love always,

Kathy Cribben, Queens, L.I., New York

Dear Mrs. HSU,

It has been almost 9 1/2 weeks since I left the retreat, so 11 1/2 weeks that I have been on the Internal Cleansing process. I can say without equivocation that this has probably SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!! I have lost almost 60 pounds so far and have felt better than I have in a long, long time and with much more energy. I am so blessed to have met you. You are a beautiful human being, full of love and kindness for your fellow person. You are a patient and extremely knowledgeable teacher. I have learned so many new things about good health and unlearned a lot of bad things. Whenever I have had a question you are able to answer it and sometimes reduce my anxiety over new things happening in my elimination system. As you so aptly put it -- "Better out than in." You were so thorough with your explanations, videos, and hands-on approach to revitalizing my eating habits when I was at the retreat that I left feeling armed with new tools to recapture my health and it is working. I was astounded at the changes that occurred in the two weeks I was with you. And you should see me now, hopefully you will before you go to Harlem. The key to me was the faith you expressed to me from the first time I interviewed you that you could help me but that it was up to me (and you thought I would be successful). This affirmation of my potential, I know to be very powerful in my life and I immediately felt so "in sync" with you. Your quiet power and spiritual energy and love come across so strongly and that is your gift. May the Lord always bless you,

Kurt S. Miller


Dear Mrs. Hsu:

On March 27, 2003, It attended one of your 1-day Retreats. I decided to go because of some serious health concerns with my digestive system, liver, and possible onset of diabetes, and I was not comfortable with the medical doctors' evaluations, treatments and attitudes and leasures with my concerns.
Now I can honestly say that after attending the Retreat, it was one of the best investments I ever made. I learned from the retreat and time spent with you about your cleansing program and the proper way to combine foods; about how our organs and digestive systems work; how our cells are starve and stressed because they never receive the proper nutrients it needs and that by cleansing it allows the vitamins and minerals that we are made of to properly absorb into our cells and blood and that we need the added supplements/enzymes to help us digest and absorb our foods and how important ginseng tea is in helping to keep our
blood clean, clear and moving along; how it balances us, and most important is that when using the cleansing program you must follow the plan that Mrs. Hsu has instructed. Her recipe is scientific and it works. I am proof of it. I have been using Mrs. Hsu's products like DC-1, ginseng, but not following her recipe as prescribed, but since the retreat I have used the whole program and I will continue to because my body is still cleansing out old stored toxins. I actually see it coming out of my skin. So I know I need to keep cleansing for a while longer.
Not only that, but also when I went to the retreat I had great worry and concern about my health. As I mentioned, I had digestive problems, liver problems, and possibly diabetes. I also was losing weight fast for no known reason at that time. I had blood in my urine, back pain, and some circulation problems. I was sick! Before I left the retreat that day March 27, 2003, you had made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and after I left I felt better and I had much confidence and hope in what I learned from such a wonderful experience shared with you. And as you know, I began the proper program that day. I bought the things I needed
plus a juicer that I enjoy very much.
Today, July 8, 2003, the sugar that was in my blood is in check through your program and diet. I've never taken any other medication. In January 2003 my hemoglobin ACI was 8.4, in February it was 9.6. And the medical world says above 7 you are a diabetic. I attended the retreat in March. In May my hemoglobin was 6.8. My weight has stabilized, my back aches
gone, no blood in urine, my liver is OK, working fine, kidneys working fine, eyesight fine. No problems and I feel great! I've added to share with everyone my personal lab test results. I encourage everyone to begin this program and to be prepared to be sincere in following through with it because during cleansing your body is releasing poisons, waste and it must be removed according to Mrs. Hsu's plan. When I diverted from the plan I had problems, when I stay on the path, I don't.
Thanks Mrs. Hsu, you are God sent. I will always use, support and endorse your products all of the Hsu staff, especially Shinichi and Georgeta whom I know the most. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Cecil Ahad
Columbus, OH


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