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Dear Mrs. Hsu: I have cancer and when I read the Dispatch article on your retreats I have really encouraged to come and stay with you, but then I got so many doubts. How could you possibly have something that medical science doesn't know about or have to offer to patients like myself?

I never denigrate medical doctor or science. They have helped many people. But, with regard to preventive care and non toxic use of nature's herbal remedies, I find that medical schools still may have a long way to go to truly inform their students about alternative or, a better term yet, complementary care.

I know that physicians often complain that their patients doesn't tell them when they use herbal remedies, but the undeniable fact is that many patients have very unpleasant experiences with physicians blasting them when they reveal using herbal supplements as if they were guilty of witchcraft.

Just this May, two national studies of widely used drugs for colorectal cancer were abruptly terminated because the studies found that the drugs killed more patients than did the cancer!

By all means, work with your physician, better yet, look for those who have knowledge of the territory on both sides of the railroad tracts. Also, do a lot of personal research so you may see that the various components of my program have actually a lot of scientific backing and that wonderful results are due to the way they synergistically support one another. I wish you the best of health always.

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