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7. How can a breast tumor be reversed?

Within the breast are located numerous lymph nodes which are connected to the lymph vessels. This lymph system has no pump like the heart so the fluid that circulates must be moved by muscle contractions. The lymph node's purpose is to neutralize bacteria, but the lymph nodes can become overburdened to the point that they become infected and swell, creating a lump. If left unchecked, it could become a tumor, either benign or cancerous. This situation occurs because the body becomes overburdened with toxic waste from the bowel which has accumulated from years of poor eating habits. This waste enters the lymph system overwhelming the lymph nodes, suppressing the immune system and creating an over acid pH level in the blood. This is a perfect breeding ground for cancer also. The eating of too much fat can affect breast tumors as well, as it will cause an increase in estrogen levels. The way to reverse this situation is to cleanse all putrefactive waste from the intestines, drink distilled water and ginseng tea, reduce the fat levels, eat a whole foods diet and incorporate dry skin brushing along with regular exercise.


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