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33. Should urine have strong color and odor?

The odor and color of urine varies throughout the day. The odor and color will be slightly greater in the morning upon arising when we first urinate. The reason for this is that we have been asleep for 6 to 8 hours which allows the kidneys to concentrate the liquid waste in the bladder. Because of this, the sediment is much darker and the odor is the strongest. As we begin to drink fluids, such as distilled water and carrot juice, we urinate more frequently, not allowing the waste in our urine to concentrate in the bladder. Now the odor and color of our urine are much less. The odor and color can also vary because of the types and quantities of food eaten. The more animal protein eaten, the darker the urine and stronger the smell. This is because of waste materials, such as uric acid, a by-product of anima protein digestion. Other reasons for a strong odor and color of urine are illness or disease such as diabetes and poor kidney function and toxemia, or the accumulation of waste in the bowels and blood. In general though, when we are healthy and eat properly like the Hsu Program teaches our urine will not have a strong odor and color.


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