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Dear Mrs. Hsu: Recently I heard about a coral calcium supplement that also advertises its alkalizing effect on the body. I know you've talked about this a lot. What's your opinion on this supplement?

In my many years of retail experience I learned to always keep an open mind towards new products and ideas. Even now that I live at the Retreat Center I am still constantly bombarded by information about the newest and the best the market has to offer.

I was intrigued by this product and I got some of it and performed an alkalizing test on it by dissolving it in water and using pH tape to measure its effect. I found that my new multimineral formula performs better in alkalizing the water which should mean that it does its job in the body just as well.

I wholeheartedly agree that an acidic body condition is the source of many health problems. The body uses calcium as a buffer to fight an acidic condition and when not enough calcium present in one's diet, it takes it from the bones. Just about everyone should make sure to eat foods high in absorbable calcium (excluding dairy products) or use a calcium or multimineral supplement that contains enough absorbable calcium.

Let me also mention another important reason for taking a multimineral supplement with good calcium:as you know I am very big on colon health and cleansing with my digestive cleansers. There is a direct relationship between colon cancer incidence and low calcium, low fiber intake. Calcium and fiber help to bind up toxins before they can damage colon wall cells.

One such particular study happened in 1999, which is many years after I developed my Internal Cleansing Program. Scientific proof is usually years behind the direct evidence I and many of my customers have that my program is truly working to improve their health.

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