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Is there a simple answer to all of your health problems?




Is speedy elimination of toxins harmful?

No,since living cells are not lost in the process of elimination. The longer you let poisons remain in your body, the greater the chance of the onset of degenerative diseases. The only exception I make is for pregnant and lactating women. The baby depends on the mother's blood stream for all of its nutrition and it is best if the expectant mother can cleanse before conception.

Let me stress again. Don't look at my program as a buffet. Don't take a little here and a little bit from over there. Complete success comes from the whole program. After level 1 move on to level 2. This means, add DC-2 and LIV-C and Olive Oil Cream. DC-2 acts like a sponge in your intestinal tract. Its purpose, besides providing bulk is to clean out the many accordion folds in your intestine. Your villi are like feeder mouths absorbing nutrients from the food passing along. If those feeder mouths are covered and clogged up by deposits of mucus and undigested sticky matter, you will not be able to use even high quality nutrition.

LIV-C helps the liver function at peak condition. The liver has so many amazing functions apart from detoxifying substances passing through our system. LIV-C will prevent a fatty liver. If that's already the condition, LIV-C will act as a detergent and flush out toxins. Remember, cancer is always related to a congested liver, according to Max Gerson, M.D.

HSU Olive Oil Cream is a very important part of cleansing. It is rubbed on the entire abdominal area several times daily. It will be absorbed and act as a lubricant for the toxins being flushed out by DC-1 and DC-2. By the time you reach level 3, most people already experience so many benefits that they are ready to tell all their family and friends about it.

Don't forget, however, Level 3 is not the end of the program. It is the maintenance level. You can't expect to accomplish a thorough cleansing in a few weeks only. Also, you need to maintain your health.

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