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What do you recommend as a moisturizer for the winter

In the winter time, the average person's skin is pretty rough. Take care of it from both sides, this means from the outside and the inside.
My olive oil creme will help you from the outside. It penetrates all the layers of the skin and you should use it two or three times a day. However, please be also aware that if the body is full of acidity, it is trying to get rid of it. Uric acid is excreted not only through the kidneys but also through the skin. Therefore, cleaning your body on the inside through the Internal Cleansing Program as well as proper food-combining, will bring fabulous results for your skin.

Oily skin? No more!
Dry skin? No more!
Blemishes? No more!

By the way, this applies also to the skin on your head. Your scalp is like a garden. You must work the soil. Brush the scalp with a natural bristle brush as much as possible. When you do that, you may lose hair in the beginning, but like baby hair, it begins to come in within a few months. Gradually the hair will become thicker and heavier.
Do use olive oil creme on you scalp. Massage it in every morning and see what happens.

Is this related to skin brushing?
Yes, brushing the skin should be not be reserved just for your head. As I just mentioned, the body tries to eliminate toxins and uric acid not only through the "regular" eliminative channels, but also through the skin. You see, we generate uric acid in our body, much of it because of too much protein consumption, which means organ meats and other animal products.
Dr.,Jensen, in his book Tissue Cleansing through bowel management writes: " I believe the skin brushing is one of the finest of all baths. No soap can wash the skin as clean as the new skin you have under the old. You make new skin every 24 hours on the body. The skin will be as clean as the blood. Skin brushing removes the top layer. This helps eliminate uric acid crystals, catarrh and other acids in the body. No one can be well wearing clothes unless they brush their skin."
I have used dry skin brushing for many years. The amount of acid crystals it brings out is amazing. These crystals can and do cause pain and inflammation in many places. Get rid of them
Also, not to be forgotten, skin brushing provides an excellent massage for the lymph system which tries to eliminate wastes as well, but without exercise and /or massage, it will become stagnant and cause many problems with your body.

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