Parasites, A Modern Epidemic

by Garcia Thompson

In today’s society there are many forms of disease, many of which are well documented, researched and acknowledged. However, there is one plague currently infecting over 80% of all Americans (and 85% of people around the world) that receives little or no attention in today’s medical society – the one of parasites and parasitic infections. Yes, it is a documented fact that almost every adult in the United States is not only susceptible to, but is also currently hosting some form of internal parasite. Disgusted? Appalled? Disturbed? Sickened? Those words all described how I felt when I first came to read those statistics. You might ask yourself why I would have been reading about this subject (trust me, not something I’d do in my idle time, normally!) However, after a month long bout with debilitating fatigue and chronic gastrointestinal pain, coupled with several unhelpful visits to the doctor, I did a little research into what may be causing my symptoms and creating this discomfort. Here’s the information I found, which hopefully may help anyone out there to overcome, eliminate and defeat these silent attackers.

So how do you know if you have a parasite - well, finding out can be difficult, but there are some signs to looks for. Although most everyone feels low at some point or another, going to bed early or sleeping in late, this is not something that should be normal (still, for many folks this is a regular routine.) Chronic fatigue is one of the main symptoms of a parasitic visitor in your body - some other symptoms include:

Realize that although you may not feel ill or tired, there may still be parasites within your system. Parasitic infections are masters at hiding while feeding off the human body. So, how can you tell? You can try to take a medical test, but as Dr Andersen (a leading authority on parasitic infections) has said:

If you were tested by a doctor for parasites, chances are the results would come back negative. Does this mean you do not have parasites? Unfortunately, medical testing procedures only catch about 20% of the actual cases of parasites. Over a 1,000 species of parasites can live in your body and tests are available for approximately 40 to 50 types. This means, doctors are only testing for about 5% of the parasites and missing 80% of those. This brings the clinically found parasites down to 1%. Now, if I had a 1% chance of winning in the stock market, I don’t think I would invest. Only 1% of parasites are ever clinically found.

I went through a medical test that cost me $400, was sent to a "top lab" for the detection of parasites, and still was diagnosed as negative (yet after a few cleanses I have been flushing infections, toxins and parasites from my body daily.) So, although there is a chance the lab test will catch the infection, the likelihood is that it won't. (the major problem is that the parasites must not only be on the "list" the lab looks for, but also must be laying eggs when the samples are taken.)

This leads me to explain about the way parasites reproduce, live and thrive, as well as to give a brief description of the two major types:

Let’s try to understand what a parasite does. A parasite eats, lays eggs and secretes. Ok? Let’s break this down into the three parts: the first is "eats." Depending on the kind, parasites will eat different things. Many thrive off certain types of food, from dairy to sugar to proteins. These parasites live off the food that goes into your body. Mainly found in the digestive tract, they can also be found in the liver as well as throughout the body. No organ within your body is immune to parasites, in reality. Some parasites actually get their nutrition directly from the cells of the body, and feed off those cells, thus making you sick. They can literally attach themselves anywhere and suck nutrition out of the cells. These parasites are perhaps the most dangerous because they can travel to places in the body where they can do a lot more damage than a parasite living solely in the digestive tract.

Parasites rob you off all your finest nutrients and you get the scraps and leftovers. They grow healthy and fat while your body starves for nutrition. And these visitors can subside and exist in the human body for anywhere in the upwards of 10, 20 or even 30 years.

To illustrate the longevity of parasites in the human body, consider this example. In 1979 a British study reported on 600 former prisoners from World War II. These men had been stationed in the Far East. Thirty years after the war, 15% were still infected with a parasite called Strongyloides that they had contracted during the war. This means you could have eaten meat 10 years ago that was contaminated, and still be hosting the tapeworms or other types of parasites that were in that meat.

Let’s now look at the way parasites reproduce - this is the "lays eggs" part. To start, let’s examine the two main types of parasites and then discuss how each reproduces:  Large parasites are visible and are primarily worms and small parasites, which are mainly microscopic in size, include what are called protozoa and amoebae.

Which is more dangerous?  Despite their almost invisibility, small parasites can be extremely dangerous. Microscopic parasites can destroy calcium lining in your bones, eat the myecin lining off your nerve cells (causing breakdown of the brain-nerve connection) and even inhabit the liver, colon and other areas causing major discomforts and problems. The small parasites reproduce by duplicating themselves in a manner similar to bacteria or viral reproduction.

Large parasites, which are the worm type, can usually be seen by the naked eye. Sizes can exceed 15 inches long and normally these worms cannot/do not travel past the digestive tract.  The smaller organisms, the protozoa and amoebas, tend to act like a bacteria by traveling through the blood stream to virtually any part of the body. They reproduce without laying eggs and behave more like an infection in the body than do the larger parasites.  The larger parasites are worms which reproduce by laying eggs. Eggs are left in the intestinal tract, where they cling to the intestinal walls among the feces, and when they hatch, the young feed on the food that we eat and eventually grow into adults. The adults then repeat the process.

The third thing that parasites do is secrete toxins. Simply put, the secretions from parasites in our bodies are poisons and toxins that our bodies are forced to deal with by increasing the process of detoxification. Anyone who has experienced food poisoning or dysentery will tell you how debilitating these toxins can be. These are intense and very high levels of toxins being released into the body at once. On the other end, a chronic parasitic infection that secretes low levels of toxins can eventually create an extremely stressed immune system. When the immune system is stressed over a long period of time, it weakens. When the immune system "goes off line," our bodies become susceptible to infections of other kinds. This can be extremely dangerous in this day and age because we are more exposed to more viruses than ever before. Also, the viruses are changing and adapting at a very fast rate as are the bacteria, many of which are now resistant to antibiotics and other artificial measures that are used to combat them.

In addition, the antibiotics of today as well as any other drug of tomorrow can have a slightly different than intended effect…again, I will let Dr Andersen explain:

Once you have established that you do have parasites, taking drugs to get rid of them may not always work. This is because a drug will often drive a parasite from one organ of the body to another. It’s like people moving to better climates to make their living conditions more pleasant, or birds flying south for the winter.

So, if we aren't able to combat the rising number of parasitic infections with conventional medicine, it is even more  important to understand just how we can go about that process.   First, let's look at what parasites do and how we sometimes unknowingly "help" them.  Parasites tend to secrete toxins as they live within the human body, which, when coupled with other toxins (like alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, polluted air, etc) can lead to what is termed by many doctors as "toxic overload."  Toxic overload comes about when the four primary cleaning systems of the body have been pushed too far by an overload of toxins in the body. 

Within the four cleaning systems, the lungs, kidneys, skin and bowels, there are many types of overload that can occur.  As an example, toxins will travel from one system to another as the current system gets overloaded.  In toxic bowel syndrome, the excess of toxins in the bowels pass onto the liver and the liver becomes overclogged and the toxins begin to spill into the bloodstream.  This can take a long time or can occur very quickly, depending on how the body and its immune system handles the overload.  Parasites have an ability to cause a complete system breakdown, making them one of the most dangerous epidemics facing medicine today.

For the time being, the news isn't going to get much better, I'm afraid.  Not only do 80-85% of all American adults have some form of parasite, not only are they hard to diagnose, not only can they cause serious damage internally (and often silently for a long period of time) they also come in many forms.  From here, you can read about the different types of parasites, or you can skip to "How Do We Get Parasites?"

Here are a few of the different types of parasitic worms the body can acquire and be plagued by - for more complete and in depth analysis of the types of worms found within the human body (complete with pictures,) please see the links section at the end of this article.  The following section is taken from the article "Are you Clear of Parasites?" By Dr Andersen, wherein he cites "The Essentials of Medical Parasitology," by Dr. Thomas J. Brooks.


The fish tapeworm is the largest of the human tapeworms, reaching the length of 33 feet or more. There can be 3,000 to 4,000 segments in one worm. It can produce more than 1,000,000 eggs a day. This type of infestation can cause anemia because of interference with vitamin B12, says Dr. Brooks in his book. Also, the weight challenges of some people can be directly attributed to tapeworms. This is especially true of weight loss programs that don’t work. The person may be hosting a tapeworm which is eating all the food and making the person constantly hungry. Tapeworms can also cause water retention. Besides tapeworms from beet, pork and fish, there is also a type of dog tapeworm you can get when dogs lick your face or hands.


Pinworms are very infectious and can cause a lot of itchiness in the anal area. "The worms deposit their eggs mostly at night, contaminating pajamas and bed linen," writes Dr. Brooks. "The eggs are readily transported through the air, and it is not uncommon to find them in every room of the house....Complications are much more common in women than in men" . Pinworms can also be found in the vulva, uterus and fallopian tubes because the female worm loses her way while trying to return to the anus after depositing her eggs.


Another type of roundworm that can be present in humans is whipworms. These insidious creatures actually inject a digestive fluid which converts the colon tissue into liquid which the worms sucks up. Dr. Norman Stoll, a former worm expert at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, estimated that the roundworm infects about 644 million people in the world. This was in the 1940s and there are no doubt a lot more people infected with roundworm now! Dr. Brooks believes nutritional deficiencies are seen in heavy roundworm infections.


Hookworms bite and suck on the intestinal wall, which can cause bleeding and necrosis (death of the tissue). In severe infections, iron deficiency becomes a therapeutic problem because of all the iron that is lost to the hookworm. Dr. Brooks says that, "hemoglobin levels as low as 15% of normal have been seen in patients with severe, long-standing hookworm disease. One species of hookworm in America is called "Necator Americanus," which means, "American Murderer."

Again, these are just a few types of parasites found within the human body, the list is much more extensive, but these are the most common.   So, now we know what parasites do, how they reproduce, what damage they can cause and some of the types we can be infected with.  So, that leaves the thoughts - "how do we catch parasites?" and "how do I get rid of these invaders?"   First, let's go over how we catch parasites, and then we can more fully and knowledgeably discuss how to get rid of them.

How Do We Get Parasites?

Parasites can get into your system in many ways, some of them seemingly innocuous enough on their own.  Anything from shaking hands to sharing somebody else’s soda can - from kissing (even on the cheek) to intimate sexual contact and believe it or not, you can even pick up parasites by inhaling dust which contains the dried form of these organisms.  You can get parasites from a variety of foods, especially undercooked red meats (and yes, I consider pork to be a "red" meat.)  You can get parasites from many strains of water (giardia being the most common form of water borne parasitic infection.)  You can even get parasites from unwashed or mishandled lettuce and other vegetables.  No one is immune to the scourge of parasites.  So, I think you'll agree, parasites are actually fairly easy to "catch."

The really discouraging thing about parasites is that they can not only be hard to get rid of, but also that  you can easily be re-infected. Married couples tend to have them together; and when one person is treated for the parasitic infection, they are often re-infected by their spouse. It is extremely important that both be treated at the same time, and in many cases, the children should be treated along with their parents.  Not only that, but it is important to be sure to stay on whatever cleansing program you take for at least the recommended time period  and to NOT miss a single dosage.  Parasites live because they are tenacious and stealthy - in order to knock them out, we have to be vigilant and perseverant.

So, how do you go about getting rid of parasites?  Let's take a look at that process - there are many types of cleansing programs, but only two I have seen have a really high rate of success at this point in time.  The two programs are DIA MIN (from HSU labs in Ohio) and the CLEAR program, Harmony and Experience. 

DIAMIN is a combination of an herbal supplement and Diatomaceous Earth.  The herbal supplement helps loosen the bowels and the diatomaceous earth acts as a sort of scrub down of both the large and small intestine, down through the colon.  The tiny crystals of ground earth tumble down your GI tract and shred the eggs and existing worms that have taken up residence in your body.   Therefore, when you are on DIAMIN, you will rarely see worms exiting your body, however, you will feel an improvement after 30-90 days on this system flush.   personally, I am about to begin another 30 day round on DIAMIN, as round #1 made me feel much better than at any point in the past few months, although I am not "out of the dark" yet.

The Clear Program is made up of two components, Harmony and is what Dr. Andersen has to say about his analysis of and experiences with Clear:

If you find all this information about parasites and how difficult they are to detect and eliminate, cause for despair, take heart— there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have discovered over the last 20 months how to effectively cleanse the digestive system and rebuild the body with two wonderful products: Harmony and Experience. But I was faced with the dilemma of dealing with the potentially devastating world-wide challenge of parasites everyday in my clinic. After practicing for over 20 years, I have been searching for a safe, simple economical solution.

With the knowledge that over 1,000 types of parasites exist, I wanted to find a product which would kill the parasitic infection in all three stages: infant, intermediary and adult. After using just over 100 types of parasite cleanses, I was still in search of a solution that could actually work on all types of parasites, not just 5 or 6 types. Most of these programs were either too expensive or too harsh on the body, with very minimal results in eliminating parasites.

A few months ago, I learned Awareness Corporation was field testing a 600-year-old Middle Eastern recipe containing 11 natural herbal ingredients. When I heard about the CLEAR Recipe from Awareness, I was excited. I have had a great deal of success with their other two products: HARMONY and EXPERIENCE. Harmony is a superfood to strengthen and nourish the body. Experience helps to cleanse the digestive system and restore its natural bowel function. With this testimony, I knew that the next step of cleansing was: Clearing the parasites out of the body.

The results, in my personal life and with patients in my clinic have been incredible. Mary is my patient who has suffered from chronic fatigue for years. After 2 years of treatment she had significantly improved, but was still suffering from numerous food allergies, chemical sensitivities and periodic bouts of severe fatigue lasting for 2 days. After a period of 3 months on Clear, she has retained the ability to eat virtually everything that she previously had eliminated from her diet. She now has more energy than she has had in years and states that as far as she is concerned, her problem is completely corrected.

Another patient of mine, Robert, has been suffering from regular bouts of severely painful joints that would last 3 to 4 days which virtually disabled him. He also had numerous digestive disorders and was developing obvious sensitivities to a number of foods.

After starting on Clear, he went through 2 weeks of what I call "clearing" which is a detoxification of the digestive tract. At the end of 2 weeks he noticed that his joints no longer bothered him. He has had no recurring episodes of pain and he no longer reacts to foods. He is almost finished with his 3 month "clearing" and considers himself completely well.

A lady by the name of Georgia suffered from colitis for many years and was on a steady road to where many colitis victims find themselves. After starting on CLEAR she noticed an immediate decrease in her symptoms and over a period of 3 months has had a complete turn-around in the progression of her problem. She is now able to eat almost anything she chooses, as opposed to almost nothing before. In addition, she has gained back much of the weight she lost from her health challenge and sees the future as very bright.

My recommendation is that everyone should use the CLEAR 90 day parasite cleanse. I often hear the common statement, "I am healthy. I don’t have parasites". One lady claimed this and I replied, "Everyone has some form of parasites which they may not be aware of. Therefore, if you want to reach the next level of vibrant health, get rid of the parasites". I challenged her and she decided to try the CLEAR product. After only two days on the product, she noticed a poking sensation in her lower abdomen and felt a wiggling sensation in one of her legs. The next day she passed an 8 inch worm and since then, has passed many different sizes and types of parasites. Remember, most parasites are not noticeable to the human eye. To overcome this major challenge in our society today it is vital that parasites be openly discussed. Given what I know now about CLEAR, I am confident that it works and is a safe solution.

**Note: All the above patients are using HARMONY and EXPERIENCE with CLEAR reassuring them that the bowel is functioning correctly, and the body is nourished.

I have seen major health challenges "clearing up" in just 30 to 90 days, and Awareness Corporation has appropriately chosen the name "CLEAR" for their new product. I highly recommend this 100% natural, organic food. This product produces results! Other practitioners with whom I have shared the products are amazed with their results. I personally believe this is the greatest contribution to health in the world today.

The CLEAR parasite cleanse is a 90-day program with a recommended usage of once or twice annually. Everyone needs this product, whether you have symptoms, or are asymptomatic (meaning you have parasites but no symptoms). My recommendation is, you need this cleansing process to reach your optimum health potential. This product can even be used on your pets! (They sleep and play with your children).

So, where do you find these two products?  For DIAMIN, try the HSU store website.  For Clear, try Awareness Corporation's website.

Here are some other links to help you find out more about parasites - and some of these even have pictures, if you are so inclined.  I hope this article and these links help you to find your way to a more vibrant and enjoyable lifestyle.  Thanks for reading!


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