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Aloe Vera: Nature's Soothing Healer
by: Diane Gage
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Aloe vera has been known for its healing properties since the dawn of civilisation, but only recently have scientists attempted to verify the many claims that have been made for it. This authoritative book sets out to separate the truth from the legend and offers a practical guide to using aloe vera for many conditions that it has been found to alleviate.

Aloe Vera: Nature's Legendary Healer
by: Alasdair Barcroft
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From soothing sunburn to boosting the immune system, Aloe Vera can also improve all manner of skin disorders and its anti-inflammatory properites can be used in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

Aloe Vera: Natural Wonder Cure
by: Julia Lawless, Judith Allan
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From soothing sunburn to boosting the immune system, Aloe Vera can also improve all manner of skin disorders and its anti-inflammatory properites can be used in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.
Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Yucca
by: John Heinerman
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If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck...

We suppose you know the rest.
Now try this: if it looks like water, tastes like water, smells like water....SURPRISE!

Ever since we introduced Mrs. Hsu's Aloe Vera Juice 10:1 concentrate, we have been getting, shall we say - tart - remarks from some of our customers regarding the taste of it. Since studies show that only a small percentage of people complain loudly about things, with the majority simply switching companies or products, we thought, it is appropriate for the majority of our customers to set the record straight regarding Mrs. Hsu's aloe product.


Over95% of all aloe products on the market today are inferior or even worthless.  says Bruce Eric Hedendal, ph.D., who not only has adopted Aloe vera as his own number one health supplement, but who has personally witnessed mitigations or complete resolution of the following health problems during clinical trials: allergies, abrasions, acne, colic, candida, constipation, dermatitis, gum sores, edema, chronic fatigue syndrome, genital herpes, gingivitis, hemorrhoids, herpes simplex and zoster, indigestion, menstrual cramps, ulcers, radiation dermatitis, reflex esphagitis, vaginitis, yeast infections etc.

Sounds pretty much like hype, doesn't it? There is only one answer this question - try Aloe yourself and see. Maybe that's why H.R. McNaniel, M.D., pathologist and researcher at the Dallas Fort Worth Medical Center, has said, "The use of aloe vera will be the most important single step forward in the treatment of diseases in the history of mankind."


It is legal for companies to mix 1% aloe with 99% water and label the product 100% aloe. In addition, the methods used to harvest and produce the final aloe product are of great importance. We did report to you in our January edition that the supplier of HSU ALOE VERA has received certification from an independent testing agency, the INTERNATIONAL ALOE SCIENCE COUNCIL, that checks raw materials and finished products for purity and quality of ingredients.


There are two magic words to be known in connection with aloe processing: WHOLE LEAF and COLD PROCESSING.

Whole leaf processing means that the whole leaf o the aloe plant is being used. The traditional hand-filleting process removes the gel from the leaf. The leaf is then discarded. However, the largest concentration of active ingredients is found just beneath the rind, which is difficult to refine and also adds color and bitter taste to the finished product.

If your aloe is white and does not have a tart taste to it, forget it. We need to emphasize this fact because even if you have no other information on which to judge the Aloe you are buying, then the product's taste and appearance are your first line of defense against being taken advantage of.

Cold processing is a must in order to protect the beneficial ingredients of the Aloe plant. The high-heat process, still used by some manufacturers, degrades or destroys the enzymes and the long-chain sugar molecules (MSP's) that play such a vital role in healing.

More specifically, what do these MSPs accomplish? They:

  • form a linking throughout the colon to keep toxic waste from re-entering the body;
  • provide a lifesaving barrier against microbial invasion for each cell, especially viruses;
  • provide critical lubrication of joints;
  • help maintain the transfer of gases in the lungs;
  • facilitate absorption of water, electrolytes and nutrition in the intestinal tract.

If you wish, dilute the concentrate with an equal amount of distilled water. If, however, you want to receive the greatest benefit from this outstanding product, then take 11/2 teaspoons, three times a day, straight. Eventually you will be able to chime in with Dr. Hendendal's little rhyme:

"Drinking Aloe today, keeps the doctor away."

Watch why our Aloe Vera is the best.

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HSU Whole Leaf Aloe Vera

HSU Whole leaf
Aloe Vera

Watch why HSU Aloe Vera is the best available.

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HSU Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera 10x
IASC certified
32 oz

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Aloe Master’s Whole leaf Aloe vera is 10 times more concentrated than the juice directly from the fresh leaf. Our Aloe vera concentrate is of the highest potency, grown on supervised organic farms. We concentrate our Aloe vera using a cold process technique.
Aloe Master 100MPS 10X 32 oz

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Aloe Master Capsules are freeze dried from concentrated natural Aloe Vera juice containing mucopolysaccharides, the most important active ingredient in Aloe Vera. Aloe is used to support immunity and digestion
Aloe Master
90 capsules

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Aloe Gold Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate is the highest quality Aloe Vera in a bottle providing maximum benefits when taken daily. Benefits include help with digestion and absorption when taken before meals, energy, Immune System Support, Anti-Inflamatory support for the tissues and joints, Allergies, Liver Support, Bowell distress, Fibromyalgia, Candida, skin, longevity etc. The high quality formula contains no water and there is no high heat or oxidation used in processing keeping all essential nutrients and polysaccarides intact providing maximum immune system support. The gold is the best choice for people with irregular sugar metabolism and Candida (yeast) infections. Instructions: 1-2 OZ daily, special applications 3-8 OZ. 14% off on orders of 4-11, 23% off on orders of 12 or more!
Aloe Life
Aloe Gold 3x
32 oz

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