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Every disease - whether it is arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, ulcers or whatever - is a desperate warning signal from our bodies telling us that we are doing something wrong. We need to heed these warning signals immediately, before it is too late.


To understand how to repair a car, you must first understand how the car functions. To understand how to repair the body, you must first understand how it functions. In view of this, we at HSU & Co. have compiled the following mini-course in nutrition for those who have a genuine desire to rebuild health once and for all.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your health - not your friends, your spouse or your doctor - but yourself. This means that you to be informed.


Digestion begins in the MOUTH. As we chew our food, our SALIVARY GLANDS introduce digestive substances into the mouth for combination with the food. SALIVA is very important to the digestive process, so it is important to chew your food thoroughly.

From the mouth, the food passes through the ESOPHAGUS into the STOMACH. In the stomach the food is broken down by DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. Different enzymes work on different foods. Some enzymes will counteract other enzymes. If you eat food at one sitting the wrong combination (e.g., a slice of melon and an egg), the digestive enzymes that these foods trigger in your body will actually work against each other. As a result, the food does not digest properly. For further information, ask us about "Food Combining."

Assuming that proper food combining has been used and your food has been substantially broken down in your stomach, it then flows into the SMALL INTESTINE to be broken down further. The nutrients in your food now begin to be absorbed through the INTESTINAL WALLS and into the BLOODSTREAM.

Due to improper eating habits, these walls are often coated with mucus that inhibits the digestion and absorption process. One of the best ways to clean out the gastrointestinal tract is to follow an INTERNAL CLEANSING PROGRAM using an herbal combination that is specially formulated for this purpose.

When the food matter reaches the end of the small intestine, its consistency is that of soupy waste. This matter passes into the LARGE INTESTINE where more liquids are extracted from it. Ideally, at this point, there should be little nutritional value left in the substance.


While traveling through the large intestine, the STOOL is formed. If the stool is too slow leaving the body, the waste matter will PUTREFY and will smell rotten if and when it finally leaves the body. Just as we do not eat spoiled food because it would make us ill, fresh food left to spoil within us will also make us ill. Good food that becomes spoiled either before or after eating will produce the same result.


Everything that our digestive tract produces eventually ends up in the bloodstream. If the bloodstream becomes loaded with toxins, the CELLS SUFFOCATE.


Over a period of time, under these conditions, the cells will degenerate and symptoms such as arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney malfunction and even cancer and tumors will show up in the weakest area of each individual's body. "LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD!" - and when the blood is saturated with toxic matter, life can only suffer from it.

It is clear that we must stop creating toxins in our bodies, but we must also work on cleaning out the toxins that are already there. One of the best ways to detoxify (purify) the blood is to drink high quality Korean ginseng tea.


The typical American diet of fast foods, canned foods, and frozen foods lacks the necessary vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, and fiber vital for optimum health. In our Internal Cleansing and Health-Building Program Meal Plan, we recommend specific food supplements to meet this need and, if necessary, to aid in rebuilding your body.

It cannot be overemphasized that proper food selection and food combining are essential.

Finally, 20 minutes of continuous running, fast walking, swimming or bicycling each day are important to stimulate quicker blood and lymphatic circulation for quicker elimination of waste.

In the past 25 years, Mrs. Hsu, owner of HSU & Co., has developed a successful natural food and nutritional supplement chain. In the following pages her Internal Cleansing and Health-Building Program is given.


Learn Food Combining

Watch why IL HWA Ginseng is the best available (video).

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